I’m not a mom, but…

When I first came to your site I was thrown for a loop.

I was looking at bellies of women who had children, but a lot of these stomachs looked like my tummy when I weighed almost 200lbs. I now weight some where in the low 120s and a lot of these tummies still look like mine.

And, I know, you’re thinking, “Okay? What do you want?”

I wanted to say thanks. I wanted to say that even though your site deals with pregnant women and their bodies, it has some how morphed and has help me accept my body.

You see, when I was at my worse I had stretch marks on my upper tummy (yay for gentics and having both sides of my families having extra large women! The women in my family are just big girls.) and lower tummy. Back, thighs, and upper arms. They were what made me lose the weight in the first place. I figured when I lost the weight the stretch marks would vanish. But no.

And I must put emphasis on the fact that I did not lose weight the healthy normal way either. My weight lost consisted of anorexic habits and tendencies. I’m getting better though. Prevention and intervention through the loving extra large women in my family has changed my life 110% percent.

And through all of this the stretch marks were there. They faded though. They moved around on my body because my body changed so much. The ones on my back are now on my sides, the ones that were higher on my lower tummy are so low that they touch my pelvic bone. The ones on my upper arm can be seen when I turn my arm just the right way, which happens a lot cause a few people have asked about them.

So when I found your site I was amazed because I havent seen anybody’s body beyond what I was used to seeing through my psychological problems and all the searches I did to find that perfection. It made me feel better. It made me look at my body and go “Okay, this is okay. This is good. I’m okay.. slightly..” The conundrum hit when I realize that pregnancy was a major part in the lives of everybody on this site.

Then I get over it very quickly cause for the first time in a long, long time I’m okay with my body. I honestly say that and you have no idea how nice it is. Hating my body became a way of life for me and here I am saying how I’m okay with it because I’m not alone!

That in and of itself is the best thing ever. So thank you so much.

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