Sharing the Beautiful and the Ugly (Freckles)

Hi, I am the owner of Freckles Fairy Chest and just uploaded these photos today. It seems to be a wonderful hit and I have been so grateful for the wonderful feedback on my story. I often model my creations and decided that it was best to leave my body the way it is for all to see. I just turned 28, and have one girl who is 17 months old.

Reposted with permission from Freckles Fairy Chest.

A couple of weeks ago, I got inspired to work on some floral fashion designs for Spring. I got the idea to cover an old bra with flowers and leaves, and make some hair clips and a necklace out of spring colored flowers. My husband got a ladder, stood above me laying on a green sheet (aka magic screen) and started taking some photos of me. About half way through, I took a peek and said, “Take them a little closer, because we are cropping out my stomach!” Every woman has a part of her body that she believes is ugly, or not quite what it once was. I am no different.

When I was pregnant with my baby fairy, Elora Avalene, I actually gained 60 pounds! Oh, believe me, I heard lectures from everyone including my mom and Doctor, (who was nice enough to say to me, “You gained six pounds in a WEEK?!” with her slender and beautiful figure). But I freaking love food! Throw in a pregnant appetite, and all that is left of your body are a million stretch marks and a sagging one pack. At least I am married now, so it doesn’t bother me as much as it would if I were single and trying to impress. haha. My husband couldn’t be more supportive, and always tells me how beautiful I am, no matter what. For goodness sake, the photo that bothers me most, he has titled “MywifeisfreakingHOT” as a jpg file name. One lucky fairy, right here!

So if I have all of that, why does my post baby body still bother me, as I sit here and look at photos from this recent shoot and want to crop away, and do photoshop plastic surgery on them? With all of these sayings and posts about embracing your body the way it is, why have I still not let it sink in? The answer seems simple, how many photos have you seen go viral with a pretty woman full of stretch marks? None that I know of, though I do recall the brave magazine cover some years ago with Jamie Lee Curtis showing off her middle aged body. I am not trying to pose nude or be controversial here, but I think it is time for me to be brave enough to stop cropping and using the “pucker” tool in photoshop. I don’t want to promote a kind of unrealistic view of beauty for moms out there.

So here I am, stretch marks, fat, pale skin, double chin and all. Radiating in my motherly glow for the world to see and criticize.

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