This photo represents the power of positive social media. Anyone who knows me, knows how insecure I am about my tummy. No bikinis, long tops, loose yoga vests…the list goes on. Two huge babies left me with serious stretch marks and no muscle tone. I’ve been incredibly self-conscious for years since my beautiful children were born…the youngest is now 12! Why do we let unreal images of perfection define how we feel about our bodies. We’re all perfect exactly as we are. The marks, scars, loose skin, tummy rolls, ample hips don’t define us. They show us that we lived. This belly was home for two incredible humans and I would never change a thing. I’m so bored of obsessing over it, hating it, hiding it. Life is far too short. Time to move on. Without doubt this has been the hardest post I have ever shared but also the most personally transformative. Thank you @kathrynbudig and @yogajournal. So here goes to being brave, being real and owning my body.

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