My two boys (Anonymous)

I posted on here in December, I think. I was around 30 weeks pregnant in that photo. And now, I am ten days postpartum. I was stated before, I got no new stretch marks. Merely kept the old ones. :)

My first son is three years old. And I pretty much look the same after I had him. I am lucky, I suppose, that it wasn’t worse. But if it was, I don’t believe it would bother me a whole lot.
You see, with the birth of my second son, during delivery, his heart rate dropped to 40–and stayed there. I didn’t allow myself to be terrified. And in truth, the whole labor/delivery is a blur. But in hindsight, I realize that we could have lost him. I would have given anything to save him. I pushed him out in 6 minutes! He went to the NICU for about 30 to 45 minutes, was deemed healthy, and we went home the next day.

And I can safely and boldly say that I am happy with my body.
And my beautiful boys! :)

The first photo is me at 40 weeks. 6 days before I gave birth.
The second is ten days postpartum.

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