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Mother of Three (Amanda)

age – 29
number of pregnancies-3
children 3- boy14-boy4-girl2

This site has been such a great inspiration to me through this journey, So grateful that it is here for us to all connect and tell our stories. I have been unable to answer to the comments on my earlier submission. When I had my baby Girl I thought I was never going to get my body back after 3 children and sooooo many pounds. I had always heard that healthy living is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise and now I know its true

my initial program was insanity, and then Hip Hop Abs, ChaLEAN Extreme, T25 and now Les Mills Combat, I eat cleaner and I run I would be more than happy to talk to any of the ladies who had asked. I recently added another t shirt to my collection!! I still have my pouch, I still have my stretch Marks. Im still not completely ok with the fact that I will never have any more children, My scoliosis still bothers me from time to time… Life is a work in progress and I love my three babies, 4 counting my fur baby scrappy please feel free to find me on fb if you ever want to chat.

First pic is my new tshirt :)
Second pic shows the s in my spine
Have a Fit Day!!

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  • Sarah Thursday, November 14, 2013, 10:52 pm

    Good for you! You had a goal and you worked for it and obviously succeeded. You look so fit!!! :)

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