Mommy Belly (Brittany)

I had my son on November 4th 2009. I love him to death but I am so depressed over what has happened to my stomach. I was underweight when I got pregnant. At 19 and 5’5 I was 119. For Atleast the last year I have been stuck at 127-133. I just can’t seem to shake of this extra weight and skin and it makes me want to cry everyday. I can look skinny in a shirt but when sitting or bendig over I get the rolls and I can’t stand I’m sure you think that someone who hates their body would workout. Well I don’t so I hope that is my only down fall. I cut out as much sugar as possible (besides sweetener in my coffee every couple days or the occasional treat) and I started speed walking/jogging Atleast 30 minutes a day but no change yet. I tried doing insanity for a week over the summer but it was too insanely (haha) hot in California for such activities if you don’t want to blast the Ac. I am newly engaged to a wonderful man and even though he says he thinks I’m perfect I can’t help but feel even worse about my body because I think he deserves someone with a flat stomach that doesn’t sag when I do anything but stand or lay down :(

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  • Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 7:33 am

    All I have to say is wow, you look amazing!!!! Working out will help. Do weight training to gain muscle, stronger abs will help he appearance of loose skin. Either way, you look soo great!

  • Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 9:15 am

    You look amazing! I only wish I looked like you do! Work those abs and it will help loads! And your fiance loves you for you, not your tummy!

  • Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 9:17 am

    You WILL get to a point that you are happy and pleased with your body again. It took me a very long time to accept and embrace the fact that my body would never look just like it did before motherhood. I counted calories and not only cut out sugar but I cut out all fast food, cokes, alcohol, etc. Anything I ate came from my kitchen that I prepared and every night I had fun with my wii fit. Once you shed the pounds (though I think you look great and are off to a great start) you will be much happier. My skin is still a little loose and I have the stretchmarks and tiny wrinkles, but I can finally say that I am happy with it. My daughters like to trace the stretch marks with their tiny fingers and pull at the extra skin and they have picked out which marks they gave me. They are proud of it so how can I not be? The weight WILL come off, just be strong and stick to a healthy diet and a fun exersize routine. And embrace the man that loves you for you, he deserves someone with an amazing heart and nurturing soul. Be proud of yourself and don’t ever feel like you aren’t enough for him, let him decide that (sounds like he already has). Please email me if you ever want tips or support, i’ve been there and you don’t have to feel alone through this. :) (

  • Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 9:20 am

    I feel you. My stomach looks alot like yours, but it is covered in massive stretch marks. I gained alot of wieght with my first pregnancy in 2006, and it took a long time to lose it. I still have a “pooch”, but I dont know if it will ever be flat again. I got a little smaller than I am now when I was doing P90X, but I still had a bit of a “roll” when I sat down, and plus when I flex my abs, my stretch marks look like nasty wrinkles. I struggle between weather or not i look better how i am now (with a little pudge to fill my skin out) or if I’d look better with the pudge gone, and have a loose wrinkled stomach? All you can do is try to love your body the best you can the way it is, or strive to change it, and hope that you get the results you are after.

  • Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 9:21 am

    Wow your stomach looks amazing compared to how you see yourself! I am going to be 23 and I have one daughter who is 3. I had her at 19 and for a long time I fought an internal struggle about how I thought I was “supposed” to look. Trust me when I tel you there are “skinny” girls out there that think they have flabby stomachs. We all need to embrace how different we all are and just our best individual person. It’s taken me a long time to feel this comfortable with myself and I completely relate to how you feel about yourself. The moment things changed was when I realized that wrinkly stomach skin or not I deserve to be happy and so do YOU. it takes time but I hope that one day soon you can really believe it when I tell you that you are beautiful to!

  • Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 9:22 am

    You are amazing! You created a human being with that body, give yourself some credit girl. You rock ! Don’t let the idea of what others may or may not be thinking bring you down . Love yourself , you deserve it!

  • Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 9:28 am

    Congratulations on your engagement :)
    Just check with your doctor that you hvnt got a split in your muscles, as that makes it harder to tone up.
    I totally feel your pain, the body is stubborn as sh*t after childbirth !!
    Everyone has something they hate about themselves, i bet your partner has something too !And you’re lucky to be able to hide the thing you don’t like under your t-shirt :-p
    I imagine you may have more children, perhaps if you still feel unhappy after your last you could pay monthly for a tummy tuck- something to aim for ! Otherwise as time goes by you may well come to accept and come to terms with your new shape. I’d put money and there being thousands of mums who’d swap their ‘baby tummy’ for yours !
    All the best to you on your journey x x x

  • Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 9:41 am

    You look great. Keep taking care of yourself and it will only get better. You may feel uncomfortable at your current weight but it is within normal range at 5’5 to weigh about 130. I am 5’2 and my ideal weight is 130-140 I’m about 30lbs from that and my last baby was born 9/2008.
    I got my baby belly with my first at 18. I am 32 now and wish I would have been less critical of myself.
    I have never had someone cringe and turn away when I lift my shirt so why should I?
    Congratulations on your engagement!!
    I’m sure you will be a stunning bride at any weight.

  • Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 10:23 am

    You look great. I had my first in August of 2009 and my second in August of 2012. The weight is fine. I am 5’4″ and 124 lbs. Its a number. I am in no way over weight or have a perfect body. I have loose skin and a TON of stretch marks. Hell, 5 months postpartum now and they are still purple. Do belly exercises and as your abs develop your loose skin and muffin top appearance will go away. Good luck!

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