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  • Monday, October 13, 2014 at 11:10 pm

    Oh my gosh, you are SOOO STINKIN’ CUUUUTE!!!!!! Look at that ADORABLE widdle belly!!!! I remember getting so many of the same comments with my pregnancy, only I really DID let myself go around the second trimester (because of 6 months bed rest, and nervous munchies from cabin fever). You, however, look ADORABLY pregnant. Something that helped me was to get weekly emails about the changes going on in my belly each week, one change which was the size of my baby. Knowing about the size of my kid made me feel a LOT better about my size. Remember that your uterus is growing to start to make room for your kiddo, there’s gotta be room for amniotic fluid, your pelvis and abdominal muscles are stretching and widening to make room for your baby, and there needs to be a bit of fat around all that to help keep that baby warm! So in reality, you’re just fine, not to mention beautiful, and ADORABLE!!! Next time to take a belly picture, try smiling, and remembering there is a BEAUTIFUL baby just waiting to be able to open his/her eyes and look at his/her beautiful mommy and start a new life with her!!! (Btw your hair and face are GORGEOUS, and I bet you have a LOVELY smile :)

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