Happy Thanksgiving (and a message)

Dear readers, I am thankful for you. I am thankful for this space we have here where we can come to see that we are far from alone both in the way our bodies look and in the way we struggle to find love for ourselves and our bodies.

Do you ever wonder how SOAM came to exist? I mean, you can read my version of events on the home page here, but there’s more to it.

SOAM exists because we have net neutrality. There are no corporations limiting our access to the internet. Think for a minute what that means for you. How has the internet changed your life? I learned about birthing options online. I learned about parenting styles online. I found support online. I learned about health and healthcare options online. I met friends online – some that I hold dear to this day. I began to understand feminism online. I began to understand body image issues online. I learned about fat positivity and the health at every size movement online. I learned about photography online. I applied for college online. I attended classes online.

In every way in my life, I am a better person because of the internet. Without full access to the entire net, I may not have had access to the information and the choices that helped me become the person I am today. With corporations and/or the government dictating what we can and cannot have access to, we are allowing others to help mold us into the people they want us to be, rather than the people we are.

Readers, please remember that corporations do not want you to love your body or to love yourself. So long as you feel insecure, you give them your money. (And remember, I’m not judging you for what you do – but make the choice on your own.) Don’t let corporations decide what you and your children read, or what you and your children want to look like. Let YOU decide.

That means we need Net Neutrality.

Right now the FCC is threatening to end Net Neutrality and that scares me so much, particularly in this time where our government is becoming more overbearing and less supportive of free speech. Do you think it will be easy to organize protests against policies you don’t want your government to enact without access to the whole internet? And, remember, always, always remember that the government is YOURS. These people you elect for for YOU. The power is supposed to lie in our hands.

So here’s what you do. Check out this website, and they will help you call your representative and suggest what to say. If you want a rundown of what Net Neutrality is, check this out. Here’s a site that allows you to send faxes to your representatives through texts from your phone. And here’s another site that makes calling your reps very easy. They offer ideas for actions and script suggestions.

The United States of America only works so long as we are involved. That is the purpose of this great American Experiment, and we must never allow that to be forgotten. Take action. Teach your children to take action. The personal IS political.

This year I am thankful for you, for my strong body, and for the opportunity to have my voice heard in this country.

Much love and a very happy Thanksgiving to you,

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