Happy New Year!


Hello my readers, guess what? I GRADUATED! I went back to school five years ago and after much hard work and many struggles, I have completed my bachelor degree in English with a minor in Women’s Studies (although I won’t don my cap and gown and walk until next May). I will have more to say on that later, I’m sure. It’s been a life-shifting experience and I am not the same person as I was five years ago. I’m older and tireder (ha!) but I am also more aware, more confident, more capable.

I am hoping to bring my new knowledge to SOAM to transform it into something bigger and better than it has ever been. Projects I am currently working on include:
*Monthly live chats with my friend Angie of MidDrift (and hopefully with guests as well!)
*In person events in Southern California and eventually elsewhere
*Classes and seminars on body image and self-esteem
*Zines with educational literature as well as art and poetry
*A book!
*and more!

Is there anything in particular you would like to see from SOAM? Let us know in the comments below!

I’m getting myself organized for what will be a big year for SOAM and I’ll be back soon with more details and more posts from YOU! If you want to contribute, click here for more info!

Remember: You are beautiful as you are.

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