Finally gaining acceptance for my “mummy body!” (Sonja)

Age: 20
Numer of pregnancies: 1
Number of children: 1
nearly 13 months postpartum

This website is awesome – finally somewhere I can share my feelings & get some understanding support! Ever since falling pregnant & having my son I’ve felt extremely isolated about my new “mummy body” & felt as if no-one understood me when it came to my body issues. I fell pregnant as the age of 18 & had my son when I was 19. Before having him I pretty much had the perfect body in my eyes & never ever had any issues with myself – that soon changed as the pregnancy pounds piled on! I put on 2 stone 9 pounds in total which doesn’t seem a lot but to me this was a major thing for me to deal with as I was always only just the right weight for my height. It’s taken me nearly 13 months to loose nearly all the pregnancy weight but I’m feeling so much better about myself & have started not getting so worked up over the fact that I don’t have that so-called perfect belly.

My main issue with my new body was my stretchies – I HATED them with a passion & I’ve been known to cry about them quite a bit too. I got them when I was 34 weeks pregnant & I got them on my boobs, my belly, my hips, my bum & all over my legs including the backs of my calves! Over time they have faded lots but to me they’re still quite a hang-up but thankfully I’m learning to accept them. Only a few months ago i managed to finally bare my legs out in public again which was a huge step for me. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to gain enough confidence to be able to wear a bikini again & I ahte those all in one swimming costumes but am still to concious of my belly to get it out in public. One of my favourite quotes that always cheers me up about my stretchies is: “Your body is not ruined – you’re a goddamn tiger who earned her stripes!” =D

I just wanted to share how I feel & share a few picture of my pregnant belly & how I am now so that other mummies who may be feeling the same as I have been know that they’re not alone & that in time they’ll be able to feel better about themselves & what-not.

Must say though, I wouldn’t change having my “mummy body” for the world as without it I wouldn’t have my gorgeous litlle boy & he’s by far worth every single mark I have & every single pound I gained! Love my son millions <3 =) xx pictures incuded - 8 week bump, 40 week+ overdue bump, nearly 13 months postpartum front view, nearly 13 months postpartum side view, me & my son Jakoby (photo taken by my lovely fiance) [gallery]

2 thoughts on “Finally gaining acceptance for my “mummy body!” (Sonja)

  • Friday, August 24, 2012 at 11:01 am

    i feel your pain.. i lost weight fast and now have stretch marks on my boobs/inner legs/knees/butt/calves! “:(
    try a dermaroller it helps

  • Friday, August 24, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    You look great! I am 21 years old and 3 weeks postpartum, and am also learning to accept my new body. I, too, got stretchmarks all over my stomach, on my hips, my butt, my upper thighs, and my boobs. It is hard to accept them, and I wonder if I will ever wear a bikini again. I can’t even wear shorts anymore because of the ones on my thighs. You look amazing though, and you can hardly see your marks. You are very inspiring to me! Thanks for sharing. And your boy is very handsome!

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