Fifty Nude Women

Someone recently sent me the link to this film. Intrigued, I bought myself a copy and watched it last night. (To sound cliche) I laughed, I cried (or nearly so)… I was uplifted. It’s beautiful. It’s necessary. Every woman – heck, every man! – needs to see this movie. If you have the chance at all, please buy yourself a copy.

One thought on “Fifty Nude Women

  • Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 7:25 pm

    Hi-I’m the filmmaker who made Fifty Nude Women! What a beautiful endorsement of the film. I’m so glad you were moved by it. Wow. And thanks for spreading the word–I have fears the project will fade away without anyone seeing it, but I’m trying to get it “out there” — your nice comment re-inspired me to keep on pushin’!

    And to return the compliment, your site is a wonderful and righteous resource. There’s so much beauty in real people sharing their stories with each other. Brava, and very best wishes!
    Many thanks,

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