Earned Stripes (Marie)

Age: nearly 23
Pregnancies : 2
Children: 5year old daughter-23 weeks pregnant currently expecting a girl

This is my second time posting on the shape of a mother…and I love this site. It is beautiful to read the story’s of different women and mothers and feel like I know them personally…

Last time I posted a little bit of my life’s story and about how I wanted to go to school for forensic science…sadly I have had to put those dreams on hold to be able to be the best mother I can be for my daughter…and as well as a lot of misfortunes have set me back…but I am glad to say that now I have found the long awaited pot of gold at the end of my once gray rainbow<3 Up until a year ago I always sat and thought " why me?" I never understood how I sacrificed so much time And effort to people in my life to only see there back once they had used me for my kindness...I have always been the one person for my friends and family to come to the rescue when everything for them was bad for them to only get nothing in return, or the hopeless romantic to only get betrayed and hurt...but I never let those things tarnish my heart of gold. I have been threw things people live in a life time in my 22 years of tender age. Its funny how when you are young and love you always feel like the person your with is the one for you until god actually places that actual person right in ur path and the veil is lifted and you actually feel how true love is meant to be shared between 2 people. I have such a wonderful man to share my life with who adores my daughter as his own and has blessed me with another little girl that we are expecting soon :) My body has always been the crumbling of my confidence...after my first daughter I was left with stretch marks on my stomach and it was then I realized how great of a body I had and should of appreciated. People always said wow your body is beautiful and I would jus be like yea RIGHHHT!!! I was in shape, I was great in every sport and now I'm lucky if I can run up the block!!! Now that I am pregnant again and I started of a little over weight I am terrified of gaining weight and eating a lot...especially getting more stretch marks!!! I was 120 lbs before my daughter n only gained 20 lbs with her... I quickly lost it and over time the weight jus kept packing on now I'm in the 160s and mortified of being fat and pregnant...I just want you ladies to know that you really help me try to love myself after all the changes my body has undergone and still going... I wish I was as confident as most of you :( [gallery]

2 thoughts on “Earned Stripes (Marie)

  • Friday, June 29, 2012 at 8:54 am

    Your daughter is adorable!! Life can be challenging but it is definitely the confidence that will get you through those tough times. Find it anywhere you can. Good luck with your second pregnancy.

  • Saturday, August 18, 2012 at 2:35 am

    Girl I have to share this quote with you
    ‘Dont feel bad if people only remember you when they need you
    Feel privileged that you are like a candle that comes to their mind when there is darkness’
    I too know what it’s like for famz and friends to only remember you when they want something but this quote has changed the way I think and feel about helping people without even a thankyou!

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