Breastless, disgusting and inadequate. (Anonymous)

Recently I’ve been feeling more and more self conscious about my breasts. I’ve tried hard to feel better about myself after large weight gains with my 2 pregnancies (4stone+) during each pregnancy. I lost it all after my second and went down to a size I was happy with. It’s slowly creeping back on. Weight is something I can control just about… what I can’t control is the feeling of disgust when I look at my breasts in the mirror. I don’t even fit into bras properly- i’m guessing i’m a 34AA… they’re horrible, saggy, flat, just plain disgusting. I wear push up bras but feel even worse when my husband tries to grab a feel … as all he gets is padding. I feel like I’ve let him down.

It’s demoralising, I feel like a fake woman, so unsexy and gross. I’ve seen him stare sometimes at other women, for only a few seconds, nothing major to most people but to me, it’s a reminder of what I can’t give him, what I want to give him – bigger breasts and being able to feel sexy and something he can be proud about when I’m with him (of course I know boobs aren’t everything but it feels like it sometimes). I just can’t shake it, it’s been almost 6 years, of constantly feeling jealous of other women, no matter how big their breasts are… mine are nothing in comparison. I have massive gaping holes between them, I have to constantly wear tops that don’t show cleavage as mine is a gaping hole, only supported by giant padded bras… when I take the bra off I’m flat and horrid. Even during sex etc, I feel like when he touches my chest- it’s so disappointing because there’s nothing there anymore. I would love to win the lottery and get surgery – I’ve even mentioned it to my husband- he doesn’t know how to respond- knowing he’s treading on egg shells as to how I would react whether he agreed or disagreed. I can’t mention the topic to him anymore because he denies looking at anyone else, he says it’s all in my head, that he doesn’t know what else he can do. I’m sure to some extent he’s right, but in other ways, I’m not hallucinating when I see him eyeing someone, even if by accident or however brief it may be.

I feel he’ll jump ship when he comes across someone who is happier with themselves, happy with life and with their body … I can’t seem to give him that. Since kids, I’m stressed, depressed, tired, snappy, jealous and feel worthless. I can’t see how my family love me for who I am as I don’t feel like i’m very nice to be around or look at. I’m tempted to go to the GP but I know they’ll only try and prescribe anti depressants which I’m not keen on doing- they won’t bring me new breasts. I was never large to start off with- an average 34 B and have always felt inadequate. I went to a massive 36E during pregnancy because I had put a lot of weight on. I’m 5″3 and at my heaviest when pregnant was 15 stone. (with baby inside!). I’m now 9stone 2 and ideally want to go back to 8st 7lbs which is what I weighed this time last year- but that’s a different story- it won’t help my lack of breast tissue. Any miracle cures to increasing breast size or just feeling better? I feel sick every time we are around other women, even family, thinking how much bigger they are in the chest area – how more attractive they are. I feel sick like I’m so disgusting without any breasts and so unsexy- I hate it. I’m even nervous about my husband going to work and meeting someone there because they’d have more to offer than me. That’s just breasts… stomach is another issue but I can cope with that much better, even if my belly button looks wrinkly and horrible- I can conceal that ok. Any advice greatly appreciated.

~Age: 33
~Number of pregnancies and births: 2
~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 6 and 3

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  • Friday, September 19, 2014 at 9:45 am

    The words you use to describe yourself are harsh…I’m guessing you’d be angry as all hell if you heard someone describe a girlfriend of yours like that. Your body looks totally normal to me. Your breasts aren’t nonexistent-they are definitely there.
    I understand your reluctance to take prescription anti-depression medications, but just opening a dialogue with a doctor about how you feel doesn’t mean that’s the inevitable next step. You deserve to feel better.
    By the way, you have lovely shoulders and a a very pretty neckline area. I bet you look very feminine and beautiful in a shoulder baring sundress.

  • Friday, September 19, 2014 at 9:48 am

    I understand how your feeling.. After having my daughter I had HUGE boobs while I was breastfeeding then soon as I stopped it was like my boobs deflated and went down to a 32A when before pregnancy I was a 36B. I have really wide hips which makes my small boobs even more obvious and I dread taking my clothes off because of it. I know my boyfriend likes big boobs and I always wonder what he is doing with me. Doesn’t help that my family all have big boobs and make fun that if I take my shirt off I would probably be mistaken for a boy. I’m pregnant again and know I will probably get bigger but I am absolutely terrified of shrinking to nothing again afterwards. I just keep trying to stay positive and ignore it but that’s easier said then done. Keep your chin up, your not alone and I hope one day you can look in the mirror and be happy with what you see.

  • Friday, September 19, 2014 at 10:02 am

    I think you have a cute shape. Your story sounds like your husband loves you and is happy. Don’t be depressed, it sounds like you have a good husband and kids that love you.

  • Friday, September 19, 2014 at 10:07 am

    I look at these pics & see a beautiful body – all of you looks fit, strong, well-proportioned and attractive. I worry about my post-pregnancy body, too, though the details are different from your worries… But seeing the pics of you, after reading your post, makes me think that if you worry, when you look so good, maybe I’m not seeing myself realistically either… Maybe we should see ourselves through others’ eyes. In my eyes, you look fabulous.

  • Friday, September 19, 2014 at 10:37 am

    After I finished breastfeeding my oldest my breasts went totally flat, flatter than yours, like a teen boy chest. No it doesn’t feel very feminine or sexy, yes it makes wearing some women’s clothing awkward (I couldn’t even pull off a push up bra because there was nothing to push up!) BUT we are SOOOO much more than breasts! Try to focus on the things you do love about your body… You can walk? Lift your children? Focus on the good. Maybe try yoga or weightlifting to learn to appreciate your body for the amazing things it can do! Confidence is do much sexier than large breasts! I know your husband will agree :)

  • Friday, September 19, 2014 at 11:15 am

    The first thing I want to say is, your breasts are actually beautiful, as is the rest of your body that I can see.
    Second, even though anti-depressants won’t bring you new breast tissue, they really could help even your mood a little an help you feel a little better. I would also suggest therapy if you can afford it (or maybe find a therapist that will work on a sliding scale). While it may not be a cure-all, it would definitely help.

    I know how it is to feel so terribly about yourself, I still struggle on a daily basis.

    As for thoughts on how to plump your breasts without surgery:
    Excersizes that focus on your pectoral muscle could help give them a little lift as the muscles tighten behind them.
    Also two supplements that (could) help (no guarantees, but definite possibilities are fenugreek and saw palmetto.
    I haven’t taken fenugreek in awhile an personally didn’t notice any changes in my breasts while taking it. But I have been taking saw palmetto every day for a few weeks now and I HAVE noticed an increase in volume in my breasts since(as it is not currently time for me to be pms-ing, it can’t be attributed to that). It might be something worth trying, maybe along with the other two things I suggested.

    Just know you’re not alone and I’m thinking of you. I hope you find something to help you through this

  • Friday, September 19, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    I’m not sure if you have a daughter or daughters, but something that really helped me with my body issues was to consider, “how would I want my daughter to feel about herself if my body was actually hers?” It made me realize that I would really want her to appreciate her body and to find beauty in what it had accomplished (by growing and nurturing a healthy child.) So, in turn, I needed to reevaluate my attitude about my body.
    I know you may think that a surgery would solve your body issues, but it won’t. If a problem requires thousands of dollars to be solved, you’re in trouble. And I guarantee you would start finding other things to “fix” too.
    As for your husband, men are very visual creatures. I’ve come to accept that my man is going to notice other women and their features at times, but I’m still the woman he wants to be married to and I know he respects my body for growing his child. Unless your husband is actively seeking other sexual partners, I would be more lenient with him glancing at other women from time to time. If you worked on your self love and began exuding more confidence, I could almost guarantee that he is going to find you sexy. Men like boobs. Men like them big, small, soft, pointy, puffy, any which way, because men do not have boobs of their own to play with! I bet your husband enjoys your breasts a lot more than you think, and as for him touching them, allow him to. If he didn’t want to touch them, then he probably wouldn’t. It’s not your breasts that are a turn off, it’s your self loathing that is. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but it’s true. I’ve been there.
    Please make a decision today to try to love yourself, just the way you are. Try every day, even if you’re not really feeling it. Thank your breasts for producing life giving milk for your babies. Thank your belly for providing a safe and healthy place for them to develop. Be open and honest with your husband about your feelings and be receptive to his. Let him know that he can be honest with you without you overreacting. All the best to you. Ps. You are beautiful.

  • Friday, September 19, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    I feel the same.. am living your nightmare.. but when i look at you i see nothing wrong.. its in the mind its not easy to switch off.. we have to beleave in are selves and ar partners.. try to take it day by day.. your not alone :)

  • Friday, September 19, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    I think you’re beautiful.

  • Friday, September 19, 2014 at 6:10 pm

    I know my reassurance isn’t much when you mind tells you the opposite but I couldn’t not try to reassure you. Your breast look beautiful and absolutely normal! I love the slope of natural breasts. I’ve seen probably thousands of breasts and I think yours look 100% normal! I had a breast augmentation 12 years ago to correct a genetic defect and just six months ago had my implants removed and a full lift done at the same time. I have scars that go around my areola, down to my crease and I under both breasts. Even with all the scars I’m thrilled to be natural and small again! You don’t often hear about the side effects of breast implants but common ones are numbness and pain and most people have to have multiple surgeries. There is a website call realself that has ps reviews and you can read user submitted stories of those having revisions or explanting. Less than two years ago there was about 400 explanting reviews and now there is over 1000.
    I wish I could give you a big hug and be able to reassure you that you are more than boobs to your husband!

  • Friday, September 19, 2014 at 6:11 pm

    Honey I know EXACTLY how you feel, seriously I could have written this myself! I even tried getting herbs and vitamins that are supposed to “plump” them up…. Waste of money. I’m a 32AA or a 30A, if that size is available (ASOS sells that size). Things have gotten a whole lot better for me over the years, though I definitely still get those pangs of not being feminine enough and I still feel lots of frustration when things don’t fit right. Some of the things that have helped me personally are first off just looking at myself and saying “damn! That looks awesome!” (Even if I don’t really feel it ) :). Another thing (and this is going to seem strange), is watching burlesque, I LOVE burlesque shows, because here’s the thing, burlesque is women (and men) of ALL shapes and sizes doing something fun that they love and it’s funny and takes a lot of talent. The other thing is just accepting bralettes (I used to hate them!), but not just any, I usually get pretty lacy ones (in an XS, I’m guessing you don’t need one that small, which opens up your options immensely), I also just pop in one of those removable pads from a swimsuit to smooth things out. Yours look like they would dress up really nicely in one :). And if you have trouble finding any you really like you should take a look at the Lingerie Addict, I always go to her if I want to find something for my tiny breasts.

  • Friday, September 19, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    Cute cupcakes with a cherry on top! U look fit and sexy! id say your husband is happy and it is all in your head. you look better than most and should be proud of yourself! Quick tip though that i find works is nipple stimulation. Play and pinch them abit every day and its supposed to create more blood flow to the breasts making them fuller… look it up youll see. have some fun with those, you’re gorgeous

  • Friday, September 19, 2014 at 9:44 pm

    You have a great body and your breasts looks completely normal. Porn and the media lies to us about what women often look like. Be proud. Im sure your husband loves you as you are.

  • Friday, September 19, 2014 at 10:18 pm

    Honestly? I think your breasts are beautiful. :)

  • Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 9:33 am

    Oh honey. I’m sorry if this response is all over the place because I’m not really sure what I want to say. First…I’m a busty lady. Now that I’ve weaned my second, I’m a 32FF; when I was nursing I was a 32H (and that’s in UK sizes, because they’re the brands that MAKE that size range, so add two cups for American sizing). But I’m not here to tell you that having big boobs sucks because that’s not the point. There are pros and cons to both ends of the spectrum. :)

    Anyhow, when I was younger I danced. I was never really serious about it, but I took ballet classes from first grade until I graduated from college. When you’re six, you can’t really predict your eventual body shape, so we had no idea I’d grow into a body with a LONG torso, short legs, and big boobs–in short, the exact OPPOSITE of how a ballerina is supposed to look. I’m okay with it, though the short legs annoy me. But my point was, I grew up watching ballerinas and admiring them. I think ballerinas have gorgeous, graceful, feminine bodies. And ballerinas are, as a rule, very flat chested. The size of their breasts does not reduce their femininity at all, though. Just something to think about.

    Point two: I have big boobs. Obviously my husband loves them because that’s what men do. But it wasn’t until like eight years into our relationship that I learned that he’s actually a leg-and-ass man. The breasts were an added bonus, but that’s not what he’s usually attracted to first. And as I said before, I have very short legs for somebody my height. I’ve gained much of my 35 pounds leftover from both pregnancies in my thighs. But that doesn’t matter to him. He still finds me attractive even though a part of me isn’t “perfect”. All I have to do is walk into a room naked and look at his face to know that that’s true.

    Point 2.5: Yes, I see my husband look at other boobs. I know for a fact that it’s not because I don’t have any–because I do. It’s just that men like boobs. Even if they have a pair to come home to, they can’t help but get momentarily distracted by other pairs. It’s not a reflection on YOUR breasts at all that your husband looks at other ones from time to time. It’s like when you see someone with a feature that stands out and stop to look for a moment. And current fashion tends to put breasts out on display, making it even harder to ignore. Even *I* look at other women’s breasts, and I have my own damn pair to stare at all I want!

    Point 3: I always recommend getting professionally fitted for a bra. Not at *ahem* that store in the mall, but find a real, high quality lingerie store (one that advertises extended sizes like down to band 28 or up to cup size K or whatever). I used to wear a 34D. I thought I needed a 34DD but couldn’t find them, so I went to a local boutique and was fitted into a 32F. MOST women wear the wrong size, and the difference is amazing when you find one that truly fits. If you can afford it, a fancy, well-fitting bra might do wonders in how you feel about your breasts–and you might be surprised at what size you truly are.

    Point 4: please seek help for your mood. There are steps you can take before resorting to anti-depressants, if that’s what you want, but you are a beautiful lady and mother and wife, and you deserve to feel happy. At this point I feel like you need professional help to find joy in your life again. There is no shame in that, and think of how much happier your life will be once you regain your balance. Please just consider it.

  • Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 5:03 am

    Hi, your breasts are beautiful! I used to feel exactly the same about my breasts, growing up I hated how small they were and after pregnancy and breast feeding they became very deflated and a size smaller even though I weighed more, I felt insecure, ugly, jealous of other woman, even those on tv or in magazines. Now I have finally made peace with my breasts and body, the website uncommon help has some good articles on jealousy and insecurity that helped, also I stopped comparing myself to others, there will always be someone who seems more beautiful, younger, better but nobody is me, we are all unique and everybody has beauty in them .

    Its hard when we think our partners are looking at other women but I try to think its ok to see beauty in others, it doesnt mean your anyless beautiful or change how much your husband fancies you and im sure he wont be comparing you to anybody, if I saw a handsome man with a nice bum it doesnt in anyway have an impact of how I see my husband.

    I also stopped making negative comments about my body to him and began acting more confident, looks are just on part of our bodies, I think skin feels amazing and of course there are our minds, people come as a package. Another thing that helped is to ignore what the media try to tell you, theyre just trying to make money out of making us feel bad.

    I hope you can make peace with your body and see how being uniquely you is beautiful as a whole package.

  • Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at 5:53 am

    Hi there,
    I think you look fantastic! I am an UK 28DD (I am really very slim with two half melons attached to the top of my ribcage – and used to absolutely hate it!) and people assume I ‘ve had breast surgery and there are only two places in London I can find my bra size. Also, no matter how covered I am, I do have a shape of a skinny glamour model and men do look at me for that, and not because of my academic achievements. The one consolation is that I nursed my son to the age of three and that gave me enormous satisfaction. What I am trying to say is that we all are very different. Yes, I wished I had my body with your breast size and probably you would love to have mine (maybe a bit less!). The reality is that that is not going to happen and you will need to love yourself. Again, I think you look fantastic! But, as you don’t seen to believe that, for both your sake and of your loving family, please try to seek some help. Therapy doesn’t need to revolve around antidepressants and I am sure a good professional can guide you to a much better place. Good luck!

  • Friday, September 26, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    Dear, sweet, wonderful Mom and Wife:
    You have such a lovely body, breasts and all! There are MANY women who would give anything for a body like yours, including your lovely breasts. You are very well proportioned, have a well defined waist (quite rare these days), a flat stomach and beautifully toned arms and shoulders. And your breasts are beautifully shaped and they are nice and even! Here’s the best thing about them–they are REAL. That is what REAL women’s breasts look like. All the other women you are admiring for their larger breasts–most of them are probably fake, either with surgery or extreme padded and push up bras. My breasts are smaller than yours, but I admire them for their shape and evenness. AND for the fact that they nursed two healthy children, which is what they are really for. And your husband? He loves you for what you are INSIDE and out, and believe me–men love breasts of any shape and size! I’ve been an A-cup (barely) my whole life, even when pregnant and breastfeeding, and I never had a shortage of men who complimented my body. It really is so much more about your attitude and confidence, and that seems to be your bigger problem. If you do not want to use medication for depression or anxiety, simply talk to a counselor who can help you gain some confidence–that has nothing to do with your breast size! Your hubby chose to love you because you are a beautiful, special, unique woman. Your kids love you because you are their whole world, their sun and stars. God loves you because He made you who you are–every inch of you.
    By the way, would you love your husband (or his body) any less if his penis changed over time? I hope not!

  • Friday, October 3, 2014 at 2:13 am

    You are beautiful! !! I know it sounds like I’m just saying that to make you feel better, but I truely am not! You look amazing. I want to let you know that I understand completely how you feel! I used to be in the same boat with my feelings and breasts. The same exact thing happened to me with my kids. You have got to stop comparing yourself to what “society” has implanted into so many girls and women about what a woman should look like! You will never love yourself if you don’t. No matter how hard it is for you, embrace your body, love it, let your husband love it. Once you start to you will see how sexy just com with it. Confidence in who you are as a woman, mother and wife is what you should see first so that you feel good about who you are, to be able to appreciate how you look. Ask God for peace of mind and a strong self to be able to look past the superficial stuff, the stress, the worry…it’s not good for you mama. Ask God to help you mentally get through your worst critic, YOU! Then get to work, after I was accepting of my body and learned to love it more, I forgot about those negative thoughts and felt good! Then.I wanted to try working out cause they say it helps, n it does! Also the tip about stimulation of the nipples, very true…my advice, let your husband play with them n try to relax and enjoy it. Let him rub them, kiss them, lick them, gently pinch them….you will see a difference! I’m telling you this cause it worked for me. When I forgot about my stress on it, and just loved me, my body, let my husband do the’s like, my body just automatically went back to normal(at least my breasts which is what I cared about, now I just struggle with stretch marks) and I think once I got on birth control that helped too, but I honestly dnt recommend it because of lots of negative side effects. Just relax, ask God to give you peace about it ,have a healthy diet, work out those pectoral muscles, play and let your hubby play with your breast and I kno you will see results. Im back to a full C cup and really nothing happend for me till I laid off the negative energy towards myself. I admire you for sharing your story. Give yourself more credit your a mommy! Be happy! I am always here if you need! I would enjoy a pen pal (if you would even call it that these days) seriously, Im here…it helps to talk, no judgment either, just love and compassion and understanding! Hope to hear from you. if not it’s totally cool, just know your.not alone and love yourself, you are a REAL and BEAUTIFUL WOMAN and MOTHER ?????

  • Friday, October 3, 2014 at 3:11 am

    Hating your body is like a slow and gnawing death. Idolising anything will just make that hole in your heart bigger. You are a beautiful child of God who is on this earth for a bigger purpose than being sexy. I have the same feelings and my boyfriend just didn’t know what to do. It kills them to see us torturing ourselves over our bodies. Yes they like boobs but they love a loving spirit, kindness and confidence far far more! God loves you, we love you and by the sounds of it, your boyfriend loves you too.

  • Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 10:15 am

    I am so thankful for your post – it makes me feel a bit more normal. After breastfeeding my cup size went down to AA (is there an A-?) and it stayed like this: empty tea-bags of what was once they only thing I liked about my body. Others had a bit bigger or saggy boobs. Yeah – so what. None of my friends ended up with these empty things, only me. You may not be able to change this (disagree with LadyJess), but you can do something as to how you feel about yourself: you are more than just breasts. I am not the best person cheer you up because I never really got over it, just used to it… But what you see as abnormal, is just normal, part of being a mum, of being more than an empty pretty shell. Look at your kiddies and feel the pride that you are entitled too. You’ve put two amazing beeings into this world and have paid a small price. Your husband does not seem to mind too much. Maybe because he does not only see your breasts but what they represent: motherhood of his children. He seems to love you: give him the credit of having good taste :-).

  • Friday, November 28, 2014 at 9:32 pm

    Wow – that could be my body exactly except at 58 my tummy sticks out like I’m 4 months pregnant. I’ve lived with “your shape” all my life since giving birth to twin girls, followed by a big (still bouncing) boy 26 years ago.
    I love my body. I had to relearn to love my body, which really meant a good hard look at the relationship I’d created with myself.

    Hah – if you think saggy breasts are a big deal – take a big breath. You’ve still to face the rest of the ageing process.
    It’s great really that you’re putting it out there now, coming to terms with reality. It’s confronting. It’s hard work but it’s a journey we all need to make – tears, anguish, the whole shebang. IT’S LIBERATING. You’ll be ahead of your peers and will be a great support to them when their time comes.

    I look at your photo – I say it again. That’s me. There is a magic pill – it’s called taking a stand for yourself. Just a little (or a lot) every day – love yourself. Touch your body with a gentle caress of appreciation and thank yourself for the miracle of surviving this society’s mean and absurdly impossible standards. Then look at the women older than you, the oldest, and learn to love the beauty that is there. Change the way you see through your beliefs – because you can. We all create our beliefs from birth – doesn’t mean they’re right. They were just all we could do at the time. The mistake was thinking we had to hang on to them.

  • Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 10:47 pm

    Hi there, I stumbled on this site and navigated to this page because of similar feelings about my breasts. I see that this was a few months ago but I hope that this will still be relevant.

    In reading your post, I noticed a few things…

    1. You are mean to yourself. I don’t mean this as an insult but only to get you to understand that if it was not yourself you were talking about, you probably wouldn’t be saying all those horrible things.

    2. I understand the way you are feeling because it’s the way I feel(currently but working on it) about my own breasts. We actually have a similar frame, though being as imperfect as I am, wish I had more meat on my bones.

    3. What you were describing, sounds awful, ugly, distorted. I was so heartbroken for you that your breasts had been so transformed after baby.

    then I scrolled down to the photos…

    I was taken back by your description compared to reality. You say it is in your head, and I think you are right.

    Isn’t sexiness in our head anyway, isn’t it our state of mind, rather than our looks. If you feel sexy, you are. You are lovely! Your husband loves you and your breasts… let him love them and it might teach you to love them again.

    4. You have helped me feel better about myself. Take my own advice. Good luck sister.

  • Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 8:21 am

    I’m jealous! This pregnancy my breasts have gone to 32GG / 32H and EVERYTHING HURTS. I’ve been fitted, and my bras fit right. But it just doesn’t help. Spending another day in bed because I can’t bear the sagging without a bra or the bruising with a bra. Not to mention my nipples now point at the floor. :(

    I’m hoping for surgery once I’m out of the baby making stage… so that I can look like you. :)

  • Monday, March 9, 2015 at 7:21 pm

    I used Freezeframe breast cream and this did work to restore a bit of volume. This is unfortunately one of the things no one speaks about as a side effect of breastfeeding. I BF my son for 13 months and lost a full cup size. Can you look into breast implants if it’s really impacting on your self esteem so much? Everyone here saying you look great is right! But that doesn’t mean much if you don’t feel that way yourself. The pill can sometimes bring a restoration of volume too.

  • Saturday, June 27, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    Once someone told me that anyone can say anything bad about me, except me. Your words are so harsh and so negative towards yourself that it is truly shocking. Your husband loves you not just for your body, but for who you are. Love yourself, please, do. A suggestion for you: Engage in weight training and do exercises for your chest. When the muscles in the back develop, they will push your breasts forward making them look larger. They will also lift up. The pectoral muscles will greatly enhance your breasts image. Also, there are some herbs like Fenugreek that help to keep your breasts healthy. Also, if you induce lactation, the tissue in your breasts will develop again, and your breasts will look fuller. Please, be nice to yourself.

  • Monday, August 3, 2015 at 6:47 am

    I’ll try to say this the best way I can. My wife’s breasts look very much like yours. She’s had 3 kids. She is very self conscious about them. (and her belly) I love them. They are not firm…They are not artificially enhanced to withstand gravity….but they are her’s. I do not love my wife because of her body. I love my wife’s body because it is her’s.

    Yes I look at other women. It is in Man’s nature to do so. I can admire and say; “That is beautiful.”. But it STILL does not get me excited like my wife walking around the house in summer clothes. The difference is between love and lust. It takes a few years for most men to figure it out….that love for a woman severely outweighs lust for just anyone.

    I see nothing wrong with your body. You don’t have damaged goods as you seem to think. You have “badges of honor”. You have a body that says; “I CREATED LIFE”. If your significant other tells you that he wants it….believe him. You are more REAL and beautiful than ANY of the women one might see in any magazine or TV ad. Everything you see in those is bulls**t. YOU are what real women look like. You are beautiful. Accept it and be proud.

  • Monday, December 5, 2016 at 8:55 pm

    I am the exact same! I am so depressed and feel worthless now, like I am a 14 year old boy who is angry and sad all the time. I only had one baby. I am 22, my girl is 7 months old. I immediately bounced back in the tummy, and thought my boobs would. I have always been careful about staying trim. I had 32B boobs that were almost a handful. Good enough…now, my old bras are empty shells, like a child dressing up in their mothers padded bras.. I feel like even an A cup would be too big.. I always thought that since I ate right, kept in shape, only gained baby weight on the bump, I had done it all right…I was sure to bounce back… not at all. After the breastfeeding, the huge stretchmarks (which I was okay with when I still had boobs), I thought I would go back to before…not at all. Nothing ever sagged before, bow my empty awkward boob sacks look so bad, my husband has not seen them. I even wear a bra during sex, and to bed, and even usually a t-shirt.. I see him looking at other girls and it kills me.. especially being young, freshly marrie, with a baby girl, getting a new house because we wanted more bedrooms for more kids…now he has to push for sex bc I feel so ugly. I feel like my life is over at 22.

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