Beauty in the Battle (Kara)

3 Pregnancies, 2 Birth
Girls ages 6 & 4
Longing for another soon & 1 more shortly after

My body looks as though I was attached by wild Tigers, shredded on my breats, abdomen, back, butt & thighs But i find beauty in my Battle Scars, its the beauty of growing precious cargo. However it took a lot for me to really see it. Even went through a Breast Augmentation & Divorce! But ya know it was hard being a 22 (at the time of my BA) years old with 80 yr old boobs…. When you have the skin for DD but the material for an A it’s just not a comfortable feeling or look. ( Plus when you have a cheating, lying husband you’ll do anything to feel better, am I right?!)

A lot of why I feel I never saw the beauty in my “beast” of a body was because I feel I was always trying to fit my mothers demons, she never took very good care of her body and & she is an obese woman, I never wanted that. Then my ex-husband who still to this day haunts me about my weight, figure, workouts, eating habits… But as long as I AM HAPPY then what does it matter what other people say?

My other encouragement with my body & how I handle it… My Daughters… I want to be the greatest possible example & try to promote what I don’t feel I ever had, encouraging, supportive, body image role models! I want my girls to feel comfortable in their skin, to love their bodies for what they are & to do their best not to compare to others. I’m already fighting those battles as my 6 year old recently decided she is fat at a whooping 40lbs & didn’t want to eat for 2 days.

Wish me Luck & remember how YOU look at your body & treat it is going to reflect on your daughters or any little girl who watches you in the future.

Screw the Media & Hello BODY LOVING MAMA’S!

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  • Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 10:57 am

    yep! that’s the way to live! thanks for the post!

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