A Child’s Thoughts on Stretch Marks (Jenny)

A story I thought you’d like and am happy for you to share if you like… I have a 3 week old… and a 4yo and a 7yo… I got stretch marks in my second pregnancy. I hated them…. mostly because I developed the truly evil rash that is PUPPS and the itchiness was horrendous. Anyway, they faded and I learned to live with them. Pregnant again 3.5 years later, my third baby resulted in more stretch marks in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy… something I don’t understand as he was just over a pound LIGHTER than my previous mighty girl baby… anyway, these ones are worse! I haven’t been hiding them, but nor have I displayed them…

Tonight my 7yo lay in bed next to me reading as I breastfed his baby brother. He looked over and say, “wow mum you have a totally cool pattern on your tummy… did baby M make that ?”

I got to answer proudly, “yup!”

One thought on “A Child’s Thoughts on Stretch Marks (Jenny)

  • Friday, April 6, 2018 at 2:16 am

    Aww, this is so innocent and beautiful. <3

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