4 Years Later… I Am Still Afraid of Showing My Body (Natalie G)

Age 26
Number of pregnancies : 2 preg. 1 birth
Child: 4 years old. 48 months 1 week PP

Four years and 1 week ago (as of 11/08/11) I gave birth to the most amazing kid in the world. My son Jacob, who is the sweetest little boy ever, weighed in at 9lbs 11 oz and 21.5 inches long. He was 11 days early. I went to the dr on October 29 and I was at 80% effaced and 3 cm dilated. He was going to induce me on Monday November 5th. Apparently my little guy heard that and said NOPE! I am coming out in 2 1/2 days! I had a bloody show on Weds, Halloween, Oct 31, 2007. thought it wasnt much and dr’s assistant told me to roll on the exercise ball. So I went to the movies that night, with my mom and mother in law. We went to dinner first and then I started to have contractions. When we got out of the movies, my mom asked me how I was. I said, im having contractions. Her reaction… “you’re not in labor. We have been to the hospital 3 times for false labor! you’re fine!” So we went home at around 10:20. About 12:45 i went to the kitchen and had some pepsi. Went back upstairs and went back to bed. Around 2:16 I woke up to a huge POP! I thought maybe my bladder had exploded. I ran to the bathroom down the hall and grabbed my underwear. It was my water breaking! I yelled down the hall to my mom who didnt answer because she was asleep. Ran to her room, dripping all the way. “MoM! My water broke! Here’s my undies to prove it!” I called my husband as I got ready to go to the hospital. I said to him “hey im having your kid! get to the hospital!” (we were separated at the time) So we got in the van and I texted my best friend and called my mother in law (who would coach me thru the birth). We got to the hospital around 3:15 ish. I was 4 cm and 95% effaced. So then my husband showed up. I was having the worst back labor. My mom and my husband were making bets on the weight of the baby. Around 5 I had the epidural because the back pain was so bad and then my mom decided to go home and take a shower and nap. She would come back around 7. My mother in law joined us at 5:15 and helped me thru that. Around 650 my mom was just half a mile down the road with a breakfast sandwich for my hubby . He called her and said “mommy shes ready to go.” I was at 9 cm and ready to go. I pushed for 2 hours and then around 9:15 my dr said he would use the vacuum. The first one didnt work… so he tried another. Then that didnt work because my baby had so much hair. so he said I could keep pushing or use the forceps. So I chose the forceps to get the baby out. Apparently he had done an episiotomy on me (which i didnt want but no choice in the matter!) At 9:40 my baby boy was born and he was a BIG BABY for 11 days early! My mother in law and my husband were with me the whole time while my mom sat on the side (she didnt wanna see my va jay jay because she was scared lol). Dr was cleaning me up and I asked how big he was. 9 pounds! 11 ounces!? that is one BIG BABY! But he was perfect!!!!!!! So thats my birth story. My son is now 4 and is in preschool. He wants a sister but that’s not coming through anytime soon! I love my son with all my heart. I would not change it for the world.

First photo: 4 years 1 week PP
2nd photo: My baby after he was born
3rd photo: me at 2 weeks pre birth
4th photo: my son at 4 years old

One thought on “4 Years Later… I Am Still Afraid of Showing My Body (Natalie G)

  • Monday, December 5, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    My 9 lb 13 oz son (at birth) is laying beside me in the bassinet, 4 weeks old and about 12 1/2 pounds now. Big babies are fun. Unexpected fun. :) Your son is adorable and you look great. Thank you for sharing!!! <3

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