4 Months PP, Breastfeeding, and Struggling with Eating Right (Anonymous)

I was 19 and in my sophomore year of college 1000 miles away from home when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby. My boyfriend was in school 800 miles away, and I had gotten pregnant while we were both home for Christmas Break. I was shocked, scared, etc. We moved back home, lots of struggles, and we’re finally on our feet. Our beautiful baby boy was born on September 9th, 2011. At 10 lbs, 5 oz. he was a C-Section. Not only 10 lbs 5 oz, but 23.25 inches long, my stomach was ruineddd. I was in good shape when I got pregnant. 5’8, and around 180 lbs, but I never worried much about my weight as a number because I never looked as heavy as I was. My stomach was always flat for the most part and I could get abs in no time. I gained about 65 pounds while pregnant.. thanks to my sweet tooth. So I got up to around 250-ish pounds… terrifying number to see on the scale, no matter how much I never worried about the number before. Also, I’m struggling with PPD. My boyfriend tends to ignore it… every time I’ve tried to discuss it with him he shuts down. It’s been hard with no support from him, but I went to the doctor and am now on anti-depressants that I think are helping. My son is my world, he’s PERFECT. But I’m dying to get my body back…. my stretchmarks are un…real…. I’m breastfeeding, so I’m hungry ALL THE TIMEEEE. And no matter how much “good food” I buy, I just grab quick snacks, or even make sugary things because it’s what I’m craving. It’s winter and I’m in the north so working out is difficult… I’m mostly a runner (or I was…) and a gym membership isn’t an option right now due to financial struggles. My boyfriend is super supportive with my body image issues, and tells me I’m beautiful no matter what, but as all women know, that’s never enough to convince YOU. :/ I can live with the stretch marks- I just want that flat tummy back! :(

Pic.1- 4 Month PP Stomach
Pic.2- Side View
Pic.3- Close-Up of Stretch Marks
Pic.4- 39 Weeks Pregnant
Pics. 5 & 6- Pre-Pregnancy Body

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  • Monday, February 13, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Eat to nourish your baby right now. Your baby needs calories and so do you. I totally understand the snack and sweet cravings, and eating healthy is tough. I know that is my downfall, so I will make stuff that tastes decadent, but really isn’t… Like chocolate pudding with low fat milk, splenda, cocoa and cornstarch. I keep it on hand when I just have to have something sweet. But I also don’t deny myself that chocolate bar when I really need it.
    And if you can set aside 15 minutes every day for yourself, you can do some simple floor and resistance exercises to target your tummy and everywhere else. Planks and any ab exercise that targets the transverse abs will help get that tummy flat again. And it is possible!
    All this aside, you look gorgeous. You just have to believe it too! You are only 4 months pp. Don’t be so hard on yourself. That body sustained a little life for 9 whole months…and that was only a few months ago!!!

  • Monday, February 13, 2012 at 11:51 am

    Sleep deprivation makes me totally crave sugar and garbage. There really isn’t much you can do about the sleep part right now, but you can help yourself by eating something with protein as you are eating cabs. For example, I you want chocolate, have a small piece with a handful of almonds. That may help with the likely wild swings you are having with your blood sugars. For me, the more sugars and starches I eat, the more I crave. It’s a hard cycle to break.

  • Monday, February 13, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    Your body is beautiful! So what if you have stretch marks, every mother does, its a badge of what we went through carrying a child for 9 almost 10 months and I know I know, it still bothers you, trust me I know but just know that you are beautiful, even thought sometimes you dont feel like it you are. I know a great cream that helped me with my stretch marks and they have actually completely gone from my breasts, butt, and legs ( I had them everywhere ) and as for my stomach, they have faded completely to a point where you barely notice them. Keep in mind your only 4 months pp and it takes time for your body to go back to normal, give yourself another year and dont be too hard on yourself. You look amazing

  • Monday, February 13, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    I know exactly how you feel. I got pregnant with my 1st at 19, and had him at 20. I also had a cesarean, and I got a lot of stretch marks (deep ones!). I had my 2nd at 22 (just before I turned 23…I am 25 now!). I got up to 180 (on my 5’2″ frame)…I am now 120-123. I have the stretch marks, a little loose skin, the ledge from 2 cesareans, and still no flat tummy. I know I can get one though, bc I got close before. I was working out regularly and got to 118. I got off track and let my sweet tooth take over again. A sweet tooth is so hard to get rid of! The more I eat, the more I want…so I have to try and stay away from it all together. If you look at your 39 week pregnancy picture, you belly is beautifully large. It has already gone down sooo much. You are doing great. Just take care of yourself and that baby boy :) Try the 30 Day Shred (by Jillian Michaels). It is only 20 minutes long and really works. You are beautiful!

  • Monday, February 13, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    I know how you feel. I just had baby #5 and I just want to not look pregnant anymore. I just purchased the Rockin Body system from Beachbody. It is on sale for $19.95. I just started it and it seems really fun and the videos are not too long. If you work out and eat healthy I am sure you will get back to normal. http://www.beachbodycoach.com/erinpollard

  • Monday, February 13, 2012 at 10:55 pm

    Eating healthy is tough and working out is tough especially when your sleep deprived taking care of a baby and trying work/go to school(?) women are their own worst critics. try to cut yourself some slack and take small steps at being more healthy its easier and you wont seem deprived of all the food you love. you really do look great for 4 months postpartum you will be amazed at how your body will change even more as the year goes by.

  • Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    Wow its as if I was reading the story of my life! I was 185 before I got pregnant with my son at 5’9 your belly looks a lot like mine A lot! Just not at the moment because I’m pregnant with my 2nd lol the stretchmarks fade trust me they fade ;) keep breast feeding it helps soo much I breast fed for 1yr and it was the best experience not just for me but for baby as well…and if your worried about eating right and your milk supply my doctor said taking my prenatal vitamins even after birth and drinking lots of water can deliver the same amount of nutrients to baby even if I don’t eat as healthy as I should.

  • Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 7:56 am

    You will be amazed at how different you will feel at 1 year post partum!! Having a baby is such a rollar coaster of emotions and the changes in our body can certainly be hard to deal with..no matter how much you love your little sweet pea!! So just remember it takes time.. I agree with one of the other posters about eating protien with each meal and snack..and whole grains for fiber to fill you up!! I love having cottage cheese on my salad, nuts, sometimes I made chocolate avocado nut pudding, greek yogurt with berries or a protien smoothie. I also LOVE Jillain Micheals dvds and p90x! Take care and take your time.. Snacks and sleep are very important while you are nursing your little one! :)

  • Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 11:37 am

    it looks like you were really tan before maybe that will help.

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