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10lb Stays Behind With Each Child (BUTTERFLY6925)

I am 31 years old and about 8 weeks pregnant with my 6th pregnancy. I have 4 living children, ages 12,10,9, and recently starting over with 6 months.

In 2006, I gave birth to a still born baby girl who we called Avyn Abigail

We have 3 living boys and only 1 girl. Daddy is determined to have a second girl.

I had been fortunate to regain my pre baby body after the first 3 children and even was able to win a bikini contest against 50 women in 2011.

However, after each child I retained exactly 10 lbs with each birth.

I started at 18 years old and was 110 lbs and today I am 160 lbs and newly pregnant with my 6th , hopeful that I do not come out of this one at 170 lbs!

I am that girl in your story!

After each birth, I am able to conveniently shrink back down to my original size and fit back into my pre pregnancy clothes ( size 5 ) , but each time, they fit a little differently and I tend to carry the weight somewhere new each time! LOL

Daddy has agreed to a vasectomy after this one! Whoo hoo!

It is not easy being a mommy to 4 while daddy is on an oil rig 8 hours away AND also in the Army reserves.

I am happy that he finally understands this and has exhausted his need to have another girl.
Lord willing, he will get his girl on this round…I guess we will see!

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