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Am I Still Beautiful? (Anonymous)

I am 39 years old, wanting to accept my changing body, 3 pregnancies (3P/2B), both birth were vaginal, My “normal size”, 160cm, 55 kg (110lbs). Breast 32B, I was 37 at the time I was pregnant with my second baby, I did gain a lot of weight and when I was 39 weeks I weighted […]

A hole in my heart so big it could swallow an ocean. (Autumn)

AGE 32, 5 PREGNANCIES/0 CHILDREN My wife and I got married two years ago after a whirlwind courtship. I knew when I met her, that I wanted a family with her. So after 8 months of blissful matrimony, We chose a sperm donor and went to the fertility doctor. I had been tracking my ovulation […]

It all seems so petty (Kim)

Previous post here. I had c-sections with my first two births (please see my previous posts). I wasn’t thrilled with the birth experiences, but I had living babies because of them. My 3rd child was born via successful vba2c. It was amazing to hold her right after she was born. My body was stretched a […]

Fascinated by the Changes (Anonymous)

Age: 39 years old First child. I am fascinated by the changes to my body (especially my boobs) that pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are making. I took these photos as a record for myself but also to share with a young friend of mine who told me ” Oh, you can exercise and get your […]

10lb Stays Behind With Each Child (BUTTERFLY6925)

I am 31 years old and about 8 weeks pregnant with my 6th pregnancy. I have 4 living children, ages 12,10,9, and recently starting over with 6 months. In 2006, I gave birth to a still born baby girl who we called Avyn Abigail We have 3 living boys and only 1 girl. Daddy is […]

Feeling Good (Anonymous)

~Age: 32 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 – 2 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 4 and 2 years I have always had a complex relationship with my body. My weight has gone up and down over the years. Most days I would be fine, other days I would […]

My Cut Belly (Emily)

Nearly six years ago, I had a cesarean section. It wasn’t planned: I went through the pregnancy and into labor expecting my daughter would be born the so-called normal way. Still, over 24 hours went by, and although my cervix had dilated fully, it was clear my vagina wasn’t big enough to fit her through. […]

Getting Better (Alice)

Age: 34 Pregnancies: 1 Births: 2 Age of children: 14 months I posted an entry five months ago when I was feeling pretty bad about my body and health post-partum. I gave birth to twins last summer and suffered a prolapse not long after, and was feeling despondent about that and about how much my […]

The Camera Adds 15 Pounds (Colleen)

Previous post here. My age: 30 I have two children, aged 5 years, and 22 months. “The camera adds 15 pounds, you know.” “What a stupid thing to say,” I always thought. “You look exactly the same in a picture as you do in person. So do I. It must just be something insecure people […]

One Year Later (Deanna)

~Age: 31 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 1 year My whole life I have been thin. I’m 5’5 and I was always around 110 pounds. During my pregnancy I did my best to eat healthy, however I ate a lot and ended up […]

The Aftermath of 3 Kids (Anonymous)

I am a 33 year old mother of a 10 year old boy, a 9 year old boy and a 4 year old daughter. I am including 2 front view pics and 1 side view pic. I feel that this is the best my body will ever be again. I have saggy breasts from breastfeeding. […]

When is Enough Enough? (Kasey)

Hello, my name is Kasey and I am 42 years old. I have one precious daughter from my first marriage in her very early 20′s. I am seeking some impartial, independent and heartfelt advice because I find myself in a place of confusion and heartache. I got remarried 18 months ago to the love of […]

My Story (Anonymous)

31 years old 1 Pregnancy/c-section Almost 3 year old. Born 10pound 4ounces I always thought my tummy was the way it was cause my little boy was so big and I was the only one with it, and the only weight I out on during pregnancy was all baby. I’ve often said to my husband […]

Worth it All (Ashley)

~Age: 30 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 8 pregnancies- 6 births, 2 miscarriages ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 8,6,5,4,3,2 I don’t even know where to start! I have been coming to this site for so many years…looking through photos and comments, getting the reassurance that I so desperately needed […]

Mom of 4 Awesome Kids (Felicia)

Hi. My name is Felicia and Im a 34 year old mom of 4 awesome kids. I’ve been pregnant 5 times but lost one baby at 14 weeks. My kids are 15,13,10 and 7 years old. I got married when I was 18 and had my oldest daughter exactly 1 year later. I made it […]

Feeling good after years of working hard on body and soul. (Marie)

My name is Marie. I am 31 years old. I’ve had 3 children Via Csection. I bounced back pretty well after each, except my hideous scar. My pregnancies all happened within 5 years so I didn’t have too much time in between. I had no stretch marks before the births but plenty after. I had […]

I Love Being a Mum! (Alice)

30, one pregnancy and birth via Cesarean I love my post-partum body. I basically look the same, with slightly bigger boobs and softer-rounder belly, with extra belly skin that I did not have before. My body is the constant reminder of the precious life I created, and for that, I am eternally thankful. I used […]

One Month After Weaning My Toddler (Anonymous)

30 years old Number of pregnancies: 1 Number of children: 1 2.5 years post partum I admire all the women on this site and I have read many of your stories over the past year. I recently stopped breast feeding (very proud to have breastfed for more than 2 years). And now my breasts have […]

Journey To Loving Myself (Anonymous)

What beautiful, brave women you all are for opening up and bearing your hearts, minds and bodies here on this site! I have been reading stories on here to learn and prepare for some of the physical and emotional changes I may experience after I’ve given birth since I have no previous experience to draw […]

39 Year Old Mother of 2 (Anonymous)

Your site has been such a powerful, positive influence on me. I am a 39 year old mother of 2 amazing boys, ages 3 and 1. I have spent so much of my life at war with my body. I now think back to when I was a much younger size 4-6 and how I […]

Struggling More Than Ever (Lee-Ann)

I’m really struggling with my body image, I always struggled but it’s worse than ever. I have never felt so horrible about the way I look. In my mind, I have the worst and ugliest body ever, to the point of tears, incredible sadness and depression. I just had my third and last baby almost […]

Feeling Hopeless (Brandie)

Age: 30 Pregnancies: 2 Children: 5 yrs old and 11 months I just turned 30 years old and I have two beautiful boys, one being 5 and one 11 months. I have always been relatively small throughout my life, so the changes that my body has encountered over the last 6 years have made me […]

Facing Forty (Anonymous)

Age: 39 Children: 2, ages 10 and 5 I have had a love/hate relationship with my body for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a fairly volatile home – my bio dad passed away when I was very young and my mother remarried when I was six. My step dad and […]

Obsessed with how I should have done better (Anonymous)

I fell in love and moved away with my military husband at 18. We had our 1st baby (a 10 lb-er) when I was 26- I was away from all of my family and friends and gained 70 lbs. I didn’t know anything about eating, stretch marks, etc. I thought it meant eating for 2 […]

Mother of Four (Anonymous)

I am a 33 year old Mother to four boys. Twins who are 9 1/2, 6 1/2 year old and a 4 1/2 year old. I am posting my pictures of my body as it is now after 4 kids and 3 pregnancies. I am 5′ 7″ and 170 pounds. I would say I am […]

My today after two children and significant weight loss. (Anonymous)

Age: 36 Number of pregnancies/births: 5/2 (both c-sections) Children aged 5 years and 14 months I’m 36 years old and fascinated by your website! What a great idea to show realistic photos of women who have given birth. Here’s my story: My first child was born in 2008. It was my first pregnancy and, being […]

Trying to Accept My New Breasts (Maya)

First I need to excuse my bad english, which is not my mother language. I am a 34 years old german mother of two wonderful children. The first, my daughter, was a c-section, my son was born vaginally. My daughter ist 3.5, my son 1.3 years old. I love this website, it gives me so […]

7 children: A Body to Remember (Stacy)

Age: 33 Children: 15, 10, 8, 7, 6, 4, 18 months Births: 5 C-Sections followed by 2 unassisted births (UBAC) Previous post here. Even though I have 5 previous entries here, over the past five and a half years, I feel inclined to submit again. I love this site because it is the only place […]

Trying to Love Myself (JC)

~Age: 30 ~Number of pregnancies/births: 2/2 ~My children’s ages: 20 months & 3 weeks ~My story: I started my first pregnancy weighing about 135-140lbs (I’m 5’4″) – I was happy with my body, except for my tiny boobs & puffy nipples. I had just lost around 20 lbs very suddenly (had zero appetite for a […]

My Breasts (Anonymous)

I am 40 years old. I have two children, 12 and 15 years old. This is my body, these are my breast. As you can see, they are big, they have strecht marks, they are different between them, one is longer than the other. Sometimes I think about having a surgery to make them smaller, […]

Mom of 3 (Mist)

Almost 32 years old Children: almost 13, 9,7 My weight has fluctuated over the years but I’ve always been slim. I am proud of what my body has done. And I believe all women can love their bodies after pregnancy. Hard work and a good attitude mixed with the right support system are very important. […]

My Story (Anonymous)

I am 34 years old and gave birth to my first child in June of this year. Before falling pregnant I had always suffered from poor body image at times although I had got really fit and was running and weight lifting. I guess I was as happy with my body at that stage, more […]

Fit After a Son and Twins (Jen)

I am Jen and I am 30 years old. I have an 8 year old son and 6 month old twin girls! They are awesome kids and they make me smile every day. Of course having twins is not something that everyone plans. I found out that they were twins when I was only 6 […]

Gaining Confidence (Anonymous)

I recently discovered SOAM and was happy to see a forum for discussing the changes women go through after childbirth. There seem to be a lot of younger women (20s) with beautiful bodies who post on this site, I wanted to share my story and pictures too. I’m 35 and have given birth to three […]

Wrecked (Anonymous)

Hello I have enjoyed and found support in reading many of these entries for quite some time and finally felt like I should share my story. I have two beautiful children, a son who is now 5 and a 17 month old baby girl. With my first pregnancy it was quite a shock. I was […]

My Body After Two Kids (Anonymous)

I’m 37, and my girls are aged 5 and 2. I was worried with each of my pregnancies that I would find it hard to get back in shape; or that my body would be radically changed. You go through so many changes when you’re pregnant that it’s hard to see how you will ever […]

Update (Anonymous)

Previous post here. I have a incredible update to my story. My son I gave up for adoption well his dad and I got married. We got reunited with our son on our wedding day. He and his family was at our wedding. His adoptive parents are amazing my son is now 22 and I […]

Having a Cesarean Section (Anonymous)

Previous post here. When I was six months pregnant, I stepped out of the shower one day and caught a glimpse of myself in a full-length mirror. Looking at my bulbous belly, I realized then and there that the only way my daughter – I already knew the baby was female – could be born […]

Weaning My Daughter (Anonymous)

December 11 2010 marked an important date in my life: it was the day I stopped breastfeeding my two-year-old daughter Gabriella Michelle. I hadn’t deliberately planned to wean her on that very day. But I was unexpectedly put on an anti-seizure medication that the doctors told me was incompatible with breastfeeding. So I stopped nursing […]

The First Cut is the Deepest (Sharlene)

Age: 43 Number of pregnancies/births: 3/3 Ages of children: 19 years, 30 months and one year I always wanted more children than the one perfect daughter God had given me – but thought I was done, because my life hadn’t “gone that way”. So I had my tubes tied when she was 10. I woke […]

Mother of 7 (Stacy)

How can I teach my daughters, and my sons, things I haven’t quite figured out yet? How can I be confident in my own skin when the world, both inside and outside of myself, tells me I should hide? How did women lose their power to just “be”in their role as mother, satisfied with happy […]

Uncomfortable in My Skin (Kel)

Age: 34 Pregnancies/Births: 5/3 Time PP: 25months Ages of Children: 5 1/2 years, 4 years and 25motnhs I am an Aussie stay at home mum of three beautiful bright, perfect and healthy children. They light up my life and I adore them all. I also have an amazing husband. We have been with each other […]

Mother of 8 Wants to Say, “Aloha!” (Anonymous)

I have a fairly long story, but don’t we all? I was a young teenage mom. I am now 40 years young. I have had 8 children, 7 full term pregnancies. One of them being twins, BOGO free. My oldest is 20, my youngest is 3. I was co-dependent and chose abusive relationship’s. I did […]

Smokin’ Hot (Katie)

Smokin’ Hot! (Katie) Age: 36 Pregnancies/births: 11/3 (8 miscarriages) Ages of children: 4.5, 2, 2 weeks My son is two weeks old today, and as I was about to get in the shower (yay, shower!), I saw myself in the mirror and thought, I am smokin’ hot! I should submit pics to SOAM! So I […]

Mom of 7 – It’s Time to Find Me Again (Jennifer)

I am a mother of 7. I had my first child when I was just 16. His twin sisters followed 22 months later. My next child a beautiful baby girl was born 2 years after the twins. Then we had another girl just shy of 3 years later. When she was 3.5 months old we […]

I’m still alive, but we lost our precious daughter. (Maureen)

Age: 32 Pregnancy/birth: 1 Children: 1 angelgirl in heaven, passed away 3 days after birth Title: I’m still alive, but we lost our precious daughter Name: Maureen, Proud mama of Chloë* Country: The Netherlands On Monday evening the 25th of July 2011 I was brought to the hospital by Ambulance, because of serious belly ache. […]

My Dear Belly (M.B.)

My name is M.B., I am 30 years old and live in germany. I’ve got one daughter. She is nine years old now and in all those years I never found a way to accept the shape of my belly. I am doing a lot of sports, which makes me skinner and more strength through […]

Stomach 2 Years PP (Anonymous)

Age: 31 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 The age of your children: 2 years old I regret all the time I spent self-loathing after having my baby. I hated the dark line down my stomach that took over a year to fade away and the stretch marks I got. I also looked like I […]

Mid-Thirties Mom of Two (Anonymous)

2 pregnancies, 2 births 3 years post-partum Pregnancy was harder on my mind than on my body. I hated that my body was no longer my own to do with as I pleased. Post-partum, I hated that breastfeeding completely changed the look of my breasts, leaving me lopsided. I was resentful every time I looked […]

Motherhood is Empowering (Anonymous)

I am 40 years old in this photo. After 7 pregnancies, I am blessed to be the mother of an 11-year-old, an 8-year-old and a 6-year-old. Being a mother has taught me to take ownership of my life and my place in this world, and to be the best woman I can be in every […]

Learning to work at my body and love how I got here. Wanting to give hope to other mommies out there. (Kelly)

I am a 31 year old mother of 2 little girls ages 5 and 2. Before I had my first daughter I weighed about 135lbs and I am 5’9″, I was athletic and in great shape…..with my first daughter at the time I thought I looked horrible and worked very hard to get back to […]


I am a (almost) 50 year old woman. I have had 6 pregnancies, resulting in 4 live births and 2 very late (mid second trimester) miscarriages. My “babies” are now aged from 19 up to 25. When I started having my children in the mid-80s I was considered to be slightly overweight (5-9 and 165lbs), […]

Postpartum Depression or Hypothyroidism? (Anonymous)

~Age: 32 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 18 months Hi, It’s been 18 months since I gave birth. It was a wonderful experience. I was surrounded by family, love, and affection after I came home with my dear daughter. My husband was supportive […]

Mommy of 4 Boys (Carollee)

Hi, My name is Carollee and I’m from Cleveland, OH. I was 19, 5’4′ and weighed about 130lbs when I got pregnant with my oldest son, Anthony. I gained the least amount of weight with him (about 50lbs) and delivered a happy healthy boy in Jan 2001. I had a typical what you read about […]

13 Years and Still Have Body Issues (Anonymous)

I am 39 going to 40 in 3 weeks. I have been pregnant 5 times and have 3 wonderful children, son 18, daughter 14, and daughter 13. I was in the Army for 8 years. (I got out when pregnant with my 3rd child). I joined the army at 18. I was 22 when my […]

Three Years Later (Christina)

Age-31years Number of Pregnancies/Births-2 Children Aged 5 and 3..sooo postpartum 3years. So, I came across this website sometime in the last three years. I have glanced at it over time and read some of the submissions. I have hated my body, been disgusted, even resented my children at times for causing my body such changes. […]

Mother to 10! (Anonymous)

Age:38 4 birth children, 5 adopted children, ages 17-11. pregnancy number 5, 7.5 months! As a teenager, I remember distinctly saying I would never ever have children. I still sometimes wake up and wonder what exactly happened? My mission for my adult life has been to be a child advocate and take in children who […]

Will I ever learn to love my body? (Jen)

32 years old, 3 pregnancies, 2 children, 6 and 4 years old, separated last year I am trying to learn to love my body again. I am mostly still embarrassed by it and feel disgust when I look in the mirror. I am proud of the fact that I have lost almost 70lbs over a […]

Trying Really Hard But Losing Hope (Sophya)

Age: 33 Number of pregnancies/birth: 2 Age of children: 6-year-old daughter and 7 months-old son, 7 months post-partum I’ve been visiting SOAM for the last four years since I had my daughter and I wish to thank warmly all those wonderful women who’ve had the courage to post their stories and voice out their fears. […]

Breastfeeding Breasts and Mommy Belly (Anonymous)

My name is Susan I am 32, and have two babies. My daughter is 2 and my son is 10 months. I nursed my daughter for 12 months and I am currently nursing my 10 month old. They were both full term and healthy natural births. Ive always been thin. Iam petite, just 115lbs and […]

My Battle Scars – Otherwise Known as My Belly (Anonymous)

I am a 37 year old mother of 3 (ages 15, 9 & 7 yrs old). Lets just say I was done family planning by the time I was 30 yrs old. I was always a fit person before having children, working out 3x a week and was a former gymnast and track star. But […]

8 months pregnant with second daughter. (Proudmama)

Previous posts here, here and here. Age: 32 Number of pregnancies: Second pregnancy, 33 weeks along at time of writing this. First child is 27 months. The last time I updated, I had just found out I was pregnant with baby #2. Now I am thrilled to say that I’m 33 weeks along with my […]

4 Babies in 3 Years (Anonymous)

Hi, I’m 35, mother of 4 beautiful children. My PP weight was in 110-120 range. My first – twin pregnancy my weight went up to 198 lb, I went back to 115 lb 9 month after. 18 after the twins I’ve had my third beautiful baby and my weight was up to 170 lb. Again […]

B/G Twins, 4 1/2 Months Postpartum (Anonymous)

2 pregnancies 2 c-sections 3 kids 2 1/2 yr old girl 4 1/2 month B/G twins My age: 30 I am 30 years old. I had my first daughter at age 27. She was 8 1/2 lbs, born by c-section due to my hips being narrow and the risk of her getting stuck. I chose […]

Miscarriage after giving my son up for adoption 20 years ago. (Anonymous)

I am a 37 year old mother I have a son whom I gave up for adoption at the age of 16 giving him a better life. Struggling with the thought of if I did the right thing all those years fighting suicide and many heartaches including cancer I managed to happily become pregnant last […]

5 Years Later (Dolly)

It has been 5 years since the worst day of my life. I lost my daughter . My children at home ( then 3 and 4) were never the same. Since that day I had 2 miscarriages. When I found out I was pregnant again my youngest , Jacob (then 7) would ask every day, […]

Postpartum Psychosis Survivor (Pinay Mom NYC)

Hearing things that weren’t there was bad; keeping silent about it was worse. For months after my daughter was born via C-section, I felt miserable and pathetic. I had been so independent prior to giving birth at 31; then I saw myself as this needy, ugly thing, financially dependent on a husband who was suffering […]

Growth (Anonymous)

Previous post here. Age: 32 Number of pregnancies and births: Three pregnancies. Two births. Number of Children: Two children. Ages 4.5 and 1.5 All photos have been taken 16 months after the birth of my second child. I feel compelled to post here again because of how the site has grown. Because of how I […]

My Angel (Shanna)

Age: 32 3 pregnancies, 2 Cesareans, 1 Abortion Children aged 10 & 8 I had my children in 2001 and 2003. Both of my children are boys and they are the best things that have ever happened to me. I was a single mom for the majority of their lives as their Fathers wanted nothing […]

Bulimic and Breastfeeding (Linda)

First off I want to say that I am overjoyed that I found this website, it has already helped me to start the healing process. Secondly, please forgive me as I have a lot to say and this post may be all over the place, hopefully at the end I can tie it all together. […]

The Best Thing About My Pregnancy is That it’s Over (I.L.)

Age: 30 Pregnancies and births: 1/1, my toddler is now 22 months old. I got pregnant a few weeks before my 28th birthday. Pregnancy and birth have not changed my body that much on the outside. I have a hypertrophic-but-fading lower segment cesarean scar on my belly right above the pubic bone, a few stretch […]

If only I loved myself as much as I love my life… (Miss Meliss)

I really do have a wonderful life. I have a beautiful son, a loving husband, a supportive mother, a best friend of almost 30 years. I am a student-nurse. I live in a nice, modern home. I drive a decent car. I have a dog, 2 cats and some fish. I laugh often, I love […]

Learning to Be (Anonymous)

My story starts in high school when I first started (unknowingly) with anorexia for a couple years. Fast forward to age 21. I got pregnant with my first. I was a healthy weight and honestly didn’t think about weight at that point in my life. I had a healthy baby girl that I had at […]

Genetics is Everything (Anonymous)

I am 31 years old, my little one was born about 15 month ago, in May, 2010. Before my pregnancy my belly was absolutely flat, I was so proud of it. Although we needed c-section, because my baby’s head did not find its way out and my doctor did not want to risk anything after […]

Learning to Surrender (Anonymous)

30 years old, two pregnancies one birth. Currently 8 months pregnant. 15 month old daughter. I used to be a dancer and circus performer and suffered with eating disorders, self harmed and abused alcohol for many many years. By the time I reached 25 I had recovered and was able to maintain a normal and […]

Site Newbie, 2 Years PP (Lisa J)

My Age: 38 Number of pregnancies and births: 3 Pregnancies, 3 Births The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 8, 5, and 2. Hi everyone, I’m a newbie to the site. After reading many of your amazing stories, I feel compelled to introduce myself and share my story. My name is […]

My Body (Stephanie)

I have a love hate relationship with my body. I was obese or morbidly obese pretty much all my life, since the time I was 11. At least my mother kept telling me I was fat from that point on. I just lived up to her expectations I guess. I took surgical measures to finally […]

Bearing It (Christina Plant)

My last entry was about where my heart is and how our physical flaws should not prevent us from celebrating who we are on the inside. I showed photos of myself from a couple of different races and my shorts fit so that the stretched hanging skin was not visible. When I wrote that entry, […]

Mom of Two (Kirsty)

Number of pregnancies -2 Number of births- 2 Births Age of my children- 8 & 5 Age- 31 I have visited this site numerous times over the years and shared it with many moms. I love seeing all the different stories and struggles because it makes you feel somewhat normal. I gave birth to my […]

I Control My Body, My Body Does Not Control Me! (Danielle)

My age: 35 Number of children: 2 – Daughter 3yrs, Son 5 months No one ever told me anything about what happens after pregnancy – the fatigue, depression, mood swings, bleeding for weeks, body changes – the list goes on. I was prepared for my baby, but not prepared for what pregnancy did to me. […]

SOAM Changed Me (Corinne)

Age 33 3 Children; 12 years old, 20 months old and 8 days old. 3 Pregnancies, 8 days PP Previous posts here and here. I still remember the sick feeling I felt when I saw that my post had appeared on SOAM. I very nearly emailed Bonnie straight away to ask her to take it […]

Surfin’ Mama (Gia)

Age: 39 2 boys ages 5 years and 10 months 10 months post partum I have a scar on my calf. It is thin and whitened with age, and every year that passes it fades just a little bit more. That makes me sad, because I love this scar. I loved it even more when […]

27 Weeks Pregnant With My Fourth Baby, My First Son (Apryl)

With my first pregnancy in 1996 I was 20 years old and have hardly a handful of photos to remind myself of that first beautiful 9 months of my life when I was becoming a mother. With my second and third daughters I took more pictures, I had a digital camera by then and taking […]

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood (Maya)

~Age 34 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 4 pregnancies, 2 births ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 4.5 years, 7 months I thought I was either going to jump out my second story window or smash all the plates in my house. I was just crazy with grief. Imagine finding […]

Mother of 3 (Misty)

Age: 31 3 pregnancies. 3 live births. Children ages: 14, 12, 10 (All girls) I am 10yrs postpartum I am 31yrs old, and the mother of three girls, ages 14, 12, and 10. My first two daughters were born natural, and my last daughter was born by cesarean. I had my first daughter when I […]

The Ups and Downs (Anonymous)

Pregnancies:6 Births: 4 PP: 130 Full Term: 196 Postpardum: 130 Divorce: 164 Well, I am a proud mom of four kids. I have one girl 11, and three boys 9,7,3. I was able to lose the weight with each kid and after my fourth I was able to get back to my PP weight. However, […]

Tired of Feeling Ashamed (Elizabeth)

Previous post here. I have submitted entries to shape of a mother from my 3rd and 4th pregnancies. Today I felt I need to do this again. I feel horrible about my body today. Yesterday I got into an argument with my youngest child’s father. this is part of an e-mail he sent me; “Did […]

What a Mother of Six Really Looks Like (Erykah)

After I had my son in 1999 I felt ruined. I had never witnessed a postpartum stomach that looked like mine and being that I was only 21 years old, I was sure that I was beyond repair unless I had a tummy tuck. And then I had twins and my sense of “ruined” hit […]

Just Me (Anonymous)

I’ve been pregnant twice and have a fantastic “5 and 3/4 year old” daughter. I’m 38, 5’2″, and 140 pounds, which puts me right at the beginning of the overweight BMI category [per World Health Organization]. With my ribcage measuring at 30″ and bust at 39″, my bra size is a preposterous 30-I, or 32-H, […]

The Shape of Our Hearts (Christina Plant)

age: 35 pregnancies 3 births 3 childrens ages: 14, 12, 9 (all boys!) (this makes me nine plus years postpartum) There is a fire in all of us. Sometimes I only have enough to keep the pilot light on. Sometimes I’m a torch. A bonfire. Sometimes, I am a wildfire- unruly and all-consuming. I’ve been […]

3 Years Later (Anonymous)

I’m coming up on my daughter’s third birthday and it was sort of a shock to realize that this was also (obviously) the three-year anniversary of my c-section. I hadn’t planned on a c-section and was pretty upset that I ended up having one. I had figured that my body would be different after pregnancy […]

Five Years Later and Still 20lbs Heavier and Loving It – Confessions of a Skinny Girl (Anonymous)

I love what pregnancy has done to my body, beforehand I was skinny as a rail and super self-conscious of my body. People used to say that they were afraid to hug me because they thought I would break. I wore long sleeve shirts and pants my entire life to hide my “chicken arms and […]

The Story of Who I Am (Corinne)

Age 33 2 children, my first is 12 years old and my second is 18 months old. This is my 3rd pregnancy, currently 36 weeks pregnant I posted my photos and story at 24 weeks and since then my confidence has soared. Sharing on here has helped so much. I simply adore my pregnant body, […]

My New Tattoos (Anonymous)

Age: 31 2 pregnancies/2 c-sections 20 months and 2 months When I made my first submission I was in a great place and had finally accepted my new body. I was pregnant a month later (the first time we had unprotected sex) and enjoyed my second pregnancy just as much as the first – there’s […]

Miracles Happen (SCS)

Previous post here. age 30 number of pregnancies 4 and births 2 age of children 3 ½ and 5 weeks how far pp 5 weeks First I wanna apologize for the long post, I wanted to say a lot. As everyone says, I love this site. I think I’ve read every entry on it. I […]

Birth is a privilege and every scar is a testament of what we’ve been through and it’s made us who we are (Simone)

I went through my first pregnancy comparing my damaged body to all the other women I believed came out of it completely unscathed! It seemed like just about everyone had a washboard unblemished stomach just weeks after giving birth. It took me a long time to accept my post pregnancy body and to realise it […]

After 4 Babies (Mommyof4)

The photos are of me at 10 weeks postpartum with my 4th child. My weight before I started having kids was about 105-110, and I am just under 5’8”, so I was very thin! I went back to about 110 after my first two kids in my early 20s. My third and fourth babies were […]

Every Little Bird (Hollye Dexter)

This January, I somehow managed to get pregnant again, at forty-seven years old. I felt it, even as I went about my life, travelling, volunteering in my son’s school….but convinced myself it couldn’t be so. Surely I had missed my period because I was at that certain age. Just to assure myself, I finally took […]

Blooming Second Pregnancy (Anonymous)

This is my second pregnancy and I am 33 weeks now and as with my first pregnancy I am absolutely massive. I am a proud 32 year old mummy of a lovely 6 year old girl delivered via emergency c section and hoping for a natural birth this time round. Must admit not relishing the […]

6 Babies, 5 C-Sections, 4 Daughters, 3 TOL’s, 2 Son’s, 1 Love (Stacy)

Previous entries here, here and here. My last posting this past summer was very freeing for me. I loved the photos, and for the first time really saw beauty in my imperfect body. I feel strong, and continue to grow in inner and outer strength. These photos were taken at our local hot springs & […]

The Perfect Food, Not Quite the Perfect Packaging (Anonymous)

Age: 30 # of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies, 2 births Ages of children: 3 and 9 months When my first daughter was born she showed a clear preference for my right breast to nurse from. When she began biting ‘lefty’ terribly to the point of bleeding I decided to nurse her exclusively from my […]

Finally In Love with My Body (Corinne)

33 years old 2 previous pregnancies, 2 children aged 12 and 15 months Currently 25 weeks pregnant I got married at 20 and had my first baby 10 months after we married. I went from a UK size 10 to about a 16 during my first pregnancy and got what I thought were the most […]

Pregnancy and postpartum with twin girls (Shelly)

Age: 35 6 pregnancies that included 5 live births, including full term twins. Would be 15.5 yrs old (Passed away sadly), 14 year old, 5 year old, and ten month old twin girls. 10 months postpartum In the pregnancy pic I’m almost 33 wks with twins. (I grew MUCH MORE by 37 wks. when I […]

My Kids Are What Matters (HayleyK)

I struggled for 5 years to get pregnant in the first place. After two surgeries and 3 rounds of fertility treatments (all the while dealing with my husband’s deployment to Iraq), we got pregnant with our first born. The pregnancy was easy, the birth hard. But we had our miracle. Then miraculously we got blessed […]

8 Months Post C-Section (Anonymous)

I LOVE this website,, and all you wonderful mothers out there! This is my third submission. I had my first child May 2010 via unplanned C section. A wonderful, beautiful, healthy little girl! She brings so much joy to all that she comes into contact with,, ready with a huge grin for everyone! She makes […]

Ups and Downs (Anonymous)

31 years old kids ages 5 and 3 I am 5’2 and 125 currently.Previous to kids my weight was about 120-125.I am happy with my weight finally after 3 years! My first pregnancy I was all day sick for the first 3 months but after that things went well.Had a 7Ib 12oz baby but vaginal […]

Of Mothers and Beauty (Michelle L)

Your age: 30 Number of pregnancies and births: 4 ————– “I hate using maps,” I said to him. Amongst sculptures and artifacts, oil canvases and mixed media, we wandered aimlessly and tirelessly. Hours passed like seconds. Nothing mattered to me but the air that he was breathing. The walls melted in the winter rain falling […]

Is that a football in your belly? No, it’s just extra skin. (Erin)

My age: 34 # of pregnancies and births: 2, both by c-section Children ages: almost 4 and almost 2 I’m not a tall woman. I stand at only 5′ 1/2″. I feel like I’ve always struggled with my weight. I have always worn C-D bra sizes, so I’ve always been pretty “gifted” in that area. […]

Cognitive Dissonance (Eden)

age 33 one birth, 32 months ago I love this photo because it’s a hot girl in a bikini and also shows my loose belly skin. I’m surprised by how unselfconscious I feel about that part of me – I’m more inclined to touch it absentmindedly and enjoy how soft it is than to lament […]

You’re Beautiful to Me (Angela)

~Age: 44 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 14 & 11 years old I find it ironic that I appreciate my body now more than I did when it was a relatively tight little thing in high school. I used to curse what I […]

Flames (Heather)

I am a 37 yo mama of two children. I have been pregnant 3 times: one miscarriage, one natural birth in the hospital, and one home birth. My children are now 14 and 11 years old. I paint my stretch marks every Halloween as flames to honor the power of my body and the love […]

Five Years Postpartum (Stephanie)

age 33 1 pregnancy I really loved this website when I came across it. It is great to see what real moms look like not what the media makes up feel like we should look like. I gained 40 pounds with my son but have since lost all the extra weight but my body will […]

Scarred for Life (Judith)

In 1991, my then 73-year-old mother visited me in Paris for my 36th birthday. She’d made the long journey from the Dutch countryside by train, and while brewing a cup of tea, I drew her a bath. Unable to get out of the tub she called for help. While I’d often seen NIta in the […]

Your First Home (Proudmama)

Previous entry here. I didn’t intend on updating so soon, but something happened that I wanted to share. First of all I come here regularly because I feel like I’m a part of something when I read your stories. Some of your stories I relate to more than others, some stories make me want to […]

Motherhood Shaped Me (Joni E.)

~Age: 36 years old ~Pregnancies: 5 pregnancies/4 living children (one fetal demise at 21 weeks) ~Childrens ages: 15, 12, 10 and 5 weeks Highest non-pregnant weight: 183 Weight 3 months prior to pregnancy (lowest adult weight): 125 (I put on 20 lbs before becoming pregnant at my husbands request) Weight just prior to pregnancy: 144 […]

I Made Them and They Made Me (Tanya Rose)

There was a time when I pranced around no bigger than a minute and cute as a button. Then at 15 years old, I became pregnant with my first son. I was 92 lbs. and throughout my pregnancy I was forced to gain weight by my Dr. because I was “underweight”. I did as I […]

I Think I’ve Always Wanted to Pose Nude (K. Marie)

When most little girls were dreaming of marrying prince charming, or planning their weddings and the names of their future children, I had one goal in mind: I wanted to be physically supernatural, beautiful and virtually unbreakable. I didn’t play school or dress-up or house. I pretended I was a cartoon character: Cheetara, from the […]

New Found Respect for My Body (Proudmama)

Age: 31 Number of pregnancies and birth: 1 Age of my child: 10 months old Cesarean birth Almost 10 months ago I finally realized my biggest dream: to be a mom. Most kids grow up wanting to be rock stars or doctors, I wanted to be a mother. From the moment I met my husband […]

The Life of My Belly (Anonymous)

I’m 31 and have had 2 abortions and 1 miscarriage – no children. All years apart and all for the best…. and still I find myself looking at my belly, that carried the life I was expecting to meet, someone I already loved. I wonder if it’s strange that it’s two years later, and I […]

A Few Years On, Another Long Post (Jo)

~Age: 40 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies and 2 births ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: Age 4 and 2 (almost 2 years post-partum) It has taken me a while to come up with the courage to post this, but it marks the beginning of the new me […]

First Time Mom at 31 (Anonymous)

I have NEVER found myself attractive. I always thought,, once i accept the fact that I’m an unattractive person,,I would feel much better about myself and not worry about it so much. For some reason though, I got a decent amount of attention from boys,, I was the funny girl, but was too shy to […]

It is what it is! (Nina)

I am 31, and I have two babies. The first one was born in August 2005, the second born in July 2007, so I’m 3 years pp since my last baby. I’ve been pregnant two more times, on top of that, but they both left my body before the 3 month mark. Two years before […]

Behind Enemy Lines (SMS)

Age 30 1st pregnancy, 1 year postpartum My body has always been the enemy. This shape which outlines the whole of who I am, encapsulating the parts of me both seen and unseen. Somehow, with time and age, it had come to represent me, a personal definition of who I am, carefully crafted for the […]

Coming to terms… (Anonymous)

Age: 30 Births: 2 Kids: age 2 and 4 I remember seeing pregnant woman and thinking how perfect, sexy, gorgeous, powerful and voluptuous they are. Pure WOMAN. I was in awe. I was even excited to be that perfectly sexy gorgeous powerful voluptuous WOMAN when I became pregnant with my first child…until the weight came. […]

My Story – I Have a Long Way to Go (Anonymous)

Age: 30 2 Pregnancies, 2 Births Children 9yrs & 7.5yrs When I was a kid I was skinny/average, like most kids were back then. When I hit 10 or so I started to gain some weight. I lived on a farm so I had to do hard work and because of that my weight fluctuated […]

This one’s for my daughters! (Sarah)

After years of believing that my belly had to be flat and washboard perfect, I finally came to terms with the fact that washboard isn’t normal. It’s not normal for women to look like that, especially after they’ve had children. Bodies during and after pregnancy are beautiful! Embracing the Goddess Within has been a long […]

Mommy Boobs (Amy)

Age: 36 Number of pregnancies and birth: 3/2 Age of children and how far postpartum: 6 years and 9 weeks I love this site. I have two children, one six years old and one 9 weeks old. I am one of those ladies that gets my stomach back quickly but my babies have done a […]

6 years after…I still feel a bit unconfident (Anonymous)

Age: 36 Number of pregnancies and births: 3 (sons) Age of my children: 12 1/2 , almost 11 and 6 As you can read above I´m a mother of three. I received my first child at the age of 23, the second one at 25 and the little one when I was 30 years old. […]

Loving Myself (Tarah)

I am 31 3 wonderful daughters! I had my first child when I was 19. Always overweight and insecure with myself, my first pregnancy did not help. I gained quite a bit more weight. The father of my child would abuse me regularly. Never leaving bruises on the outside, just on my heart. I was […]

Skinny Moms, I have a Problem with You (Amanda)

Okay, let me get more specific here. Skinny moms that tell other women that you have a flat belly a month or two after giving birth to your second child because you have to chase child number 1 around. I have a problem with you. Big time. Can you please just be honest with the […]

I wish I wasn’t so ashamed of my body (Anonymous)

Age:31 # of pregnancies and birth: 2 pregnancies and 1 birth My child is now 4 years old. I became pregnant and gave birth to a handsome boy at the age of 26. As much as I adore and cherish my son, the scars left on my body haunt me till this day. I’ve always […]

My son played a few tricks on me (J.D.)

My story starts in March 2007 when i decided to move to another country and start a new life. I was bored of my life, my job, my city and i felt very lonely and depressed. It was a great choice as i started on a new path with lots of joy and happiness. I […]

Redemption Baby (Tabitha)

This is a story of redemption. Here’s the story, from the beginning…. I got pregnant for the first time in March of 2005. My first pregnancy was a breeze and we planned to have a home birth with a midwife. I labored for 18 hours at home but due to complications during the pushing phase, […]

Twin Tummy After Two Years (Anonymous)

Age: 34 1 pregnancy, 2 children I have recently discovered this website and am so glad I did as the stories have inspired me and helped me accept my post pregnancy body. I generally keep my thoughts on my body to myself as I don’t like drawing attention to it and I never imagined I […]

Regarding the OC Register Article (Anonymous)

“Stretching the Truth” seemed a very appropriate title for the article in today’s newspaper! I have heard so many women say that their children ruined their bodies. I know that is not the case with me! I have two beautiful girls. One is over 30 years old and the other just started college. My first […]

This is beautiful??? (Anonymous)

I don’t understand how many of you ladies can consider this as still being beautiful. I can’t stand the sight of my stomach…it is a stomach of a 90 year old woman on a 30 year old body. I am not overweight, I am happy with the rest of my body, but I just hate […]

pregnancy weight gain, sex & fear (Anonymous)

I found your site because I am 30 weeks pregnant and shocked that I am having such a hard time adjusting to my changing body. I am 31 years old and this is my first pregnancy. My partner and I decided this July that we would stop using birth control. We were so in love […]

Just a few degrees south (Anonymous)

I had my first two children when I was 21 and 23. The pregnancies themselves were perfectly normal and healthy, but I was pretty depressed because the father wanted nothing to do with them. He tried to convince me to abort both times right up until the third trimester. I left him when our second […]

Will I ever love this skin? (Anonymous)

I’m a 31 year old mother of one beautiful tween girl whose now 11. I really miss the baby days. I had her at 20 and I had gained 85 pounds. I have stretch marks in every conceivable place a woman can have them. I have them on my flanks, my buttocks, my hips, my […]

My Mother Body (Lisa)

During a recent discussion among a group of women friends in which a few of us were taking pot-shots at ourselves about our post-baby bodies, one friend in the group passed along a link to this website. I spent some time reading submissions posted to the site and looking at photographs, and it all just […]

Belly still swollen 4 and a half months postpartum (Jill)

Age 34 Hi. My name is Jill and I am so glad I found this website. I gave birth July 24th to a 9 lb. 22 inch healthy baby boy via c-section. It was so hard that I am totally afraid to have another. I probably wont because of my age and because Im terrified […]

Mom shocked by diagnosis (Penelope)

Age 30 Hello Well my name is Penelope and I am a mom of 3 beautiful children. My oldest daughter is 7 with a normal pregnancy and birth my second daughter is 3 with a normal 40 week pregnancy and birth. But after She had not passed the meconium and the doctors noticed her belly […]

Fitter than I was pre-pregnancy (Anonymous)

I was very active pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy. I started at 108 lbs. and only gained 28 lbs. I even skied at 37 weeks, in hopes of inducing labor (it didn’t work)! I went back to the gym at 8 days post-partum, more for my sanity than any athletic endeavor, since I had third degree […]

It’s not easy the third time around, when your 38 years old! (Anonymous)

When I found out I was pregnant in May of 2008 I was thrilled! I was 37 years old, and by husband was 49. We both have children from previous marriages. I had a 15 year old son, and a 12 year old son, and my stepson was 9 years old. We had just celebrated […]

Proud to be a mother at last (Alex)

Age: 35 No of pregnancies and births: 4 and 1 live birth Post partum: 9 weeks Having lost 3 babies I never thought I would become a mother. In may heart I blamed myself and after my last miscarriage in 2006 I spent 2 years trying for another baby so by the end of 2008 […]

Transformation (Erron)

Age: 31 Number of pregnancies: Seven pregnancies, two successful The age of my children: 2 aged 4, 1 aged 2, and 1 on the way When expecting our first baby I remember going to my 20 week ultrasound in my regular pants. I couldn’t wait to start looking pregnant. After two years of trying, and […]

UK Mummy, Thinking About Doing it All Again! (Charlotte)

I am a 31 year old mummy to my very gorgeous 11 month old son. He is my first child conceived on my honeymoon! I was never sure that I wanted children but when I met my husband and realised he was the one then my feelings changed, particularly as he was so excited about […]

Thanks SOAM – 6 Months PP (Anonymous)

My Age: 31 Number of Pregnancies and Births: 1 Age of child: 6 months Pics I attached: The henna belly picture is at 38 weeks, the two naked ones and one of my daughter are 6 months post-partum. I started lurking here before my husband and I were even trying to have kids. I have […]

12 Years Later (Anonymous)

I’m 36 and three months pregnant with number two!! I’ll be 37 at delivery, so I’m technically an “older mom” although I don’t feel like one. My son Zac is 12, so I spaced them out a bit I actually posted here a few years ago, just as I was starting to think about having […]

Embracing the New Me (Anonymous)

I am a 36 year-old mom to 3 kids, each 2 years apart. Had my babies at 29, 31, 33 years of age. Before kinder, I weighed 130 lbs, and was very slim, due to genetics and regular exercise. Now, after 8 years, 3 kids, 4 pregancies (lost one in between) and a full time […]

Mama of Three Under Five (Anonymous)

I have three kids under age five. I enjoy this site and believe that all mothers are united by that bond of knowing what only a mother knows- that you helped create this life with your flesh and bone – nurtured and grew it, protected and fed it, thrilled in its movements and spent sleepness […]

What Happened to my Body (Texas)

i am 35 and have a 2 almost 3 yr old.i gained about 70 lbs with her.i was always a sexy full woman.i was a 10-12 now12-14.i hate my ugly body so much my wonderful hubby never gets to see me naked.i feel like Norbits wife(in the movie Norbit).when she goes to the pool and […]

When did it ever feel like my body? (Anonymous)

Thinking about it today, I never felt my body was mine. I have kept losing weight and putting it back on ever since I can remember. 2 years after postpartum I am about 75 kilos, and that’s much less than I was before. It feels more like my body today than it used to before […]

The Liberation of my Breasts (Amy)

When I was young I noticed breasts, mostly those that were perky and well-rounded. I had already been swayed by the world into thinking that there’s a sort of standard for the parts of a woman’s body that feed her young. As I grew into my teens and looked at my own mother’s breasts I […]

Lopsided Breasts and Hernia (Jay-Jay)

In the first pictures I was 31 years old and 10 months postpartum. My breasts are anyways uneven but they looked particularly funny after a one-sided breastfeeding. You can see my deformed bellybutton in the background. I didn’t know what the large lump under the skin an inch above my bellybutton was, but thanks to […]

Two Years On (Ruth)

I’m 32 (today!) and my son (my first and so far only child) is just about to turn two. I put on four stone with my pregnancy, and despite various diets (and full-term breastfeeding) I have still not managed to lose it all. I’m starting to come to terms with the idea that this might […]

Baby Belly 7 Months PP (AnneMarie)

I’m 31 and my 3rd baby daughter is now 7 months old and gorgeous of course :), my first daughter weighed 9lbs 9oz, my second 10lb 6, and my last 7 lb which is tiny for me. i got some stretch from my first pregnancy just on my belly, but my second i got loads […]

Mum to 3 boys and 1 girl (Anonymous)

Original entry here. I had my little girl 7 weeks ago today. She was born 1 day after her due date. I let the Dr. induce me after he said “she’s going to be big, over 8lbs” so he broke my water and put me on a pit drip and after 4hrs of labor our […]

Loving my mama body! (Anonymous)

I’m a 40 year old mom of a beautiful 5 year old son, his dad accepts and loves my body as it is, and worships me in the most loving way. I was 35 at the time of my son’s birth and gained 50 pounds! I avoided the stretchmarks completely by slathering myself 5 times […]

PS – Postpartum 21 & 25 Years Later (Anonymous)

Previous entry here. The wonderful comments from all the young mums have really boosted me. I felt good about my body after my babies were born. But hit my later years and now I hate what I see nude in the mirror. I don’t have stretch marks, nor cellulite, so I am lucky, but all […]

16 Weeks PP, 2nd Baby, 38 Years Old (Anonymous)

This site has made me feel so much better about my post-baby body. I haven’t struggled as much with body issues after baby #2 although I still have 15 pounds to go and haven’t lost any weight since my 1 week checkup despite breastfeeding-baby is now 4 months old. I don’t personally experience much in […]

C-Section Scar, 4 Weeks (Anonymous)

34 year old mom of 4, surrogate mom to 3 This c-section was from my 7th pregnancy. 2nd c-section. Incision is just 4 weeks postpartum.

Postpartum – 21 and 25 Years Later (Anonymous)

My babies are now 21 and 25, weighing in at 7lbs 9ozs and 8lb 3ozs. I so wish we had professional nude photos done then, but we would never have thought of it. Pregnancy is such a beautiful state that it should be recorded. I have one nude profile photo of me 2 days before […]

36 and Concerned (Anonymous)

I came to this site for two reasons. One is to offer hope. I had my first child at 27 and bounced back well. I lead an unusually active lifestyle at my most sedentary because I have horses, goats, and a bunch of dogs and other animals. I can’t keep still for very long. As […]

A well rounded mother (Anonymous)

I am now over 40 with two teenage children. My few stretch marks are silvery line, my tummy is rounded and my breast sag from months of breastfeeding. I love the changes pregnancy has made to my body and am so happy I was lucky enough to experience the joy of motherhood. I loved being […]

10 Years Later (Anonymous)

I gave birth to my first and only child ten years ago- a son named Zachary. He’s awesome. He plays the violin and pokemon and likes Science, but hates hurricanes and tornados, and plays music really loud and runs around the house to it. I love him more than sunshine, moonlight, good coffee, snow days, […]

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