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What is Intersectionality?

When I say that I practice intersectional feminism, I am specifically aiming to let people know that I eschew the erasure inherent in traditional “white feminism.” I am aiming to communicate that I recognize that Black women have different struggles than I ever could and that my goal is for my work to be inclusive [...]

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Facts About Sex & Gender

A couple of months ago on our Facebook page, we had an invasion of TERFs. TERF, if you don’t know is an acronym that stands for “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist,” or someone who defines themselves as a feminist, yet fights against trans rights. It has been proposed that perhaps FART, or Feminism-Appropriating Radical Transphobe, might [...]

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Hymen Facts – Is Virginity Even REAL?

Spoiler alert: nope! It’s a construct we made up! Read on for more info on hymens. Hymens don’t necessarily break when something is inserted into the vagina (1). And they can break without any vaginal insertion: through injury, or masturbation, etc (1). Hymens change in size, shape, and flexibility across a person’s lifespan (1). The [...]

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