when I was 34 weeks pregnant with my twins (Anonymous)

This is 4 1/2 weeks before I gave birth, so you can imagine what it was like at the end (in August, yuck!) I don’t have any new photos to share with you, but I proudly show-off my wrinkly belly when at the pool or beach. I’m proud of myself for growing two beautiful babies inside of me. I’m 23, so as a young mom, times can be tough, but my babes (now 20 months old) are a true blessing. I thank you all for sharing yourselves on here, and I’ll include an after photo as soon as I get one.

2 thoughts on “when I was 34 weeks pregnant with my twins (Anonymous)

  • Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at 10:22 pm

    I cannot BELIEVE you have twins in there! I was that size when I was 9 months pregnant with ONE child! And I only gained 30 lbs!!!

    You are truly beautiful! What was it like to carry two lives instead of one?

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