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21 years old
1 pregnancy, 1 birth
son is 16 months old
current weight: 165lbs

I am now 16 months pp as of yesterday (March 22, 2010). I have GAINED weight in the past month or so and it is so frustrating. I have to say, alot of it is my own fault, which is what I hate the most. I went back on birth control about 6 months ago and that old mith that you gain a heap of weight on it, is coming true for me! My doctor said its not the actual drug itself, but the drug gives you the so called “munchies”, and oh boy do I ever get them! I almost thought I was pregnant for awhile again, from the weight gain and change in eating habbits. All I want is sugar and salt! I’ve been trying so so hard to eat healthy, but it seems impossible for me. I’ve never been a healthy eater, but it seems like this is the worst its ever been. Between juggling university, a 16 month old, a boyfriend, and a house it just doens’t seem like theres time! And the price of food these days has also gone through the roof, and I like I said am a full time student, so don’t have much income! Do any of you ladies have some good tips for healthy, cheapish eating? No matter how many fruits and veggies I attempy to buy get eaten by me – my son always comes first and is fed the healthiest. Which leaves me with boxed and canned foods alot of the time! Plus packing a lunch for being at Uni for a 10 hour day never happens, either. I know that I am probably to blame for the weight gain recently, and the fact I havent lost anything in a long, long time, but I just cant get motivated for the gym/eat healthy. I bought a month pass to the local gym for the month of March (its not March 23) and have gone 3 times! Im just to tired from school and taking care of my son, or homework, or housework and make excuses for myself, even though I have a personal trainer friend who I go with – still doesnt force me to go! I will take any ideas or tips at this point! Summer is almost here, and Im dying to be able to be more comfortable in a swim suit!
I couldn’t love a website more than I love this one! Its so inspiring to read all womens stories, and gives me hope that ONE day I’ll have the body that I want again. People always say its not about the number on the scale, becuase muscle weighs more than fat, but how you feel. Well I definatly dont LOVE my body. I’d like improvments. I’ve been with my current boyfriend, who isnt my sons father, who still loves my body for what it is, which I couldnt appriciate more considering he isnt even his father, and didnt par take in any of the pregnancy and body change. But getting change infront of him I still find very hard.

16 months post partum front, sides, close up of strech marks ( why havent they faded?! any tips on that, as well?) and my stomache hidden under clothes

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  • Monday, April 12, 2010 at 8:48 am

    Your shape is not bad. Some women’s bodies loose the hourglass shape after children and weight gain. When you loose weight your shape would be enhanced since it already looks really curvy. Healthy eating…..chicken is cheap, it is healthy as long as you are not frying it or something like that. Grill in outside with a little bit of seasoning or BBQ sauce or bake it with some balsamic dressing (it make a perfect seasoned flavor). Buy fruits and veggies that are in season so they are cheaper. Eggs, they are cheap and you can eat them hardboild or I break my yoke and cook it in a pan and eat it with salsa every morning. Almonds (generic brand) are good for a snack and are cheap (no sodium like peanuts or something). I don’t know where you live if they sell these but in the frozen food section where I live they sell veggie packs. Its a microwaveable package so it is super quick, it is by Green Giant it steams in the bag. They have 2 servings in each but the whole pack is 100 calories so I eat the whole pack instead of half. I really like immunity blend or the one with potatos but it has more sodium than the immunity blend. Sodium makes you swell if you get to much of it cuz you retain water and feel heavier. Rice cakes you can even get chocolate flavored ones!!! They are cheap and low in calories and carbs. Drink only water….no milk, no juice even 100% juice, it is loaded with calories. Applesauce with no sugar added is also good and cheap. Baby carrots are cheap and you can eat them with some ranch dressing (like 1-2 tablespoons of dressing otherwise to many calories). Try to eat between 1500-1800 calories a day no more and eat every 2-3 hours. Really that is the key keeping track of your calorie intake….it sounds funny but keep a food diary with the calories, it works. YOu want to eat every few hours so your body metabolism styas active and will burn calories as energy instead of storing them. I eat 400 calories for breakfast, 2 1/2 hours later I have a 100 calories snack, 2 hours later I have a 400 calorie lunch, 2-3 hours later I have another 100 calories snack, then 2 hours later I have 400 dinner, then 2 hours later a 100 calorie snack. try not to eat past like 7pm at night too. Drinkning lots of water and eating healthy will help your stretchies fade too because bascially they are scars from the inside out. Healthy eating and lots of water promotes healthy skin and healthy skin can repair itself easier. Make sure to lotion your body everyday after your shower. Lotions will help your skin to look healthier and be healthier and you stretch marks will look better as well. Sometimes its hard to get out to go to the gym……so walk up and down those stairs behind you for 20-30 min non stop everyday. Hope that helps a lil, that is what I do. It is crazy how after like just 2 days you feel so much cleaner and your stomach will not feel as poochy. Even if you can’t see a difference right away you will feel a difference. Water water water drinks lots of it and no soda or juice (unless you limit it to 8 ounces a day).

  • Monday, April 12, 2010 at 8:53 am

    I also just wanted to let you know to not be to hard on yourself, I have a 9 month old and I am talking online classes full time and it is very hard I know. Then my husband is a clean freak so I rush around to make sure eveything is in its place before he comes home…..that is so hard with a baby who is getting into everything. Then once he’s home he wants my attention. With school the house the husband and the baby, it seems like we have little time to take care of ourselves let alone find time to make healthier eating choices. But it is so important that we make the time, demand the time. We are better mothers and wives for it. We are human and need to do something for ourselves.

  • Monday, April 12, 2010 at 10:49 am

    We look the same!! It is so nice to see this! I’m 20m pp and working hard to lose the extra tummy chub from my babes.

    You look beautiful!

  • Monday, April 12, 2010 at 10:50 am

    What a busy mom you are! My kids are now 16 and 12yo. Still have lots of evidence of stretch marks although they faded from bright red to whitish and pink. I think everyone is different in that regard, so only time will tell for you! After my first child I found that taking him for walks to the park or just around the neighborhood almost daily worked well. It was a great time for both of us to get fresh air and exercise and bond. I also recall using some exercise tapes (yes tapes, not DVD’s! This was 1993 after all!). That seemed to work very well as I didn’t have the hassle of leaving the house and the cost was really cheap. My son would be at my heels a lot of the time once he was on the move, but I would just scoot over and start moving again! As for good eating habits, yes it is very difficult when you’re so busy. I think if you could dedicate yourself to packing a lunch for one week to try and start a pattern, it might stick?? Even if you just did a simple healthy sandwich and piece of fruit or carrot sticks, some water. I know it seems like healthy foods can be expensive, but so can the junky stuff too when you really start to compare. When I buy fresh produce I always try to look at the stuff that’s on special and buy a bunch of that for the week. I hope some of this helps! Good luck with your baby and school!

  • Monday, April 12, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    you have to train yourself to like working out. once you push yourself, your body will crave exercise and you’ll get it one way or another.
    and you can find healthy foods cheap. just read the ingredients on EVERYTHING. you can train yourself to do that too.
    its so hard bein a busy momma and finding time for yourself and feeling GOOD about yourself.
    your very lucky to have a man who appreciates your body. i think all men should revel in every stretch mark, sag, wrinkle in women who have had children. but ya know. some get some dont.
    you have a cute body and nice curves. the weight will fall off with just a little push!
    good luck mama

  • Monday, April 12, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    You look so good! And you have a really cute little bum! :)

    I lost my baby weight and another 50lbs – I did Pilates videos at home, cut out white stuff (no potatoes, sugar, white flour, or pasta), no cheese or mayo, and tried to park far away from the door whenever I had to go to the store.

    Keep doing what you’re doing – you really look lovely!

    BTW, stretch marks seem to look better for me if I use some self tanner – it helps blend them in.

    PS: And get some Hershey’s kisses – if you’ve been a good girl today you can have a couple! Helps kill that sugar craving!

  • Monday, April 12, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    I know going to school, trying to raise a child, and keep up a house hold is super tough. The most important thing right now is that time spent with your little one and loved ones. If you can drop the school load a little and maybe free up a little time for evening yoga or something after the baby goes to sleep you might see a big drop in your stress level! Stress causes us girls to hold on to those pounds. Also, frozen veggies and fruit are pretty inexpensive and just as healthy as fresh produce. I use sandwhich meat (turkey/chicken/lean ham) for all my meats. It seems convenient for me and the children. One of my fave fast meals is a salad with chopped up sandwhich meat on top and a low fat dressing like balsamic vinegarette!~I sure do hope this helps! These are just a few things I try to do to lower any stress. God bless Momma and keep up the good work! You are super-Mom!

  • Monday, April 12, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    just wantd to say the other women who gave suggestions for eating are right on in my opinion! lots of water and fruit and veggies.. try porridge with oat bran in morning. oat bran cleans you out and oats keep you full.. and one more thing.. i wish i had the waist you do! you are so curvy and your waist goes in! i think your body rocks.. just work on healthy eating and walking whenever you can.. and of course playing with yur baby!! :) good luck

  • Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at 10:40 am

    Taking magnesium and calcium supplements could help with the cravings.
    A need that is filled will self-extinguish. But by denying yourself, the ‘need’ grows. I try to just not buy anything that I shouldn’t eat, and if I really want something, then I buy the smallest package (even though I’m terribly frugal and I KNOW the bigger package is the “better” deal).
    And there’s no reason to not pack a lunch–you just need to give yourself time to get into the habit.
    Babywearing is a great way to get exercise in while doing the rest of your life, esp. since you already have limited time with your son. Wear him on your back in a mei tai and climb the stairs (keep stomach muscles tucked and you’ll never have to do a sit up!), go for a walk, do the shopping, laundry, etc. It takes up NO time from the rest of your busy life!

  • Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    Look at that booty! Girl you look great! You have a wonderful shape. I too am a full time student and have a 15 month old. I know how hard it is to sqeeze in a workout. I would def cut out the whites (bread, sugar, startch) and load up on beans, veggies and lots of water. With the weather getting better it will be easier to get outside and chase your little boy around a park or the yard. I had bad chicken pox scars all over my legs and I used vitamin E on my scars and they faded really well. Good luck and enjoy your little one!

  • Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 6:56 am

    I’m a personal trainer and something I’ve noticed with all of my clients and myself….the more salt you eat, especially if your not drinking enough water, the more sugar you will crave. You dont need a gym to get exercise, walking with your son…push the stroller faster and tighten up your glutes after you extend your leg back on each step. do squats and lunges holding your baby. get a set of dumbells and a workout dvd called 10 minute solutions and you can do one segment at a time …aim for 2-3 a day…i know it works because i’ve done it!…Also it is a fact that splitting up your exercise into three ten minute sessions is just as effective as a 30 minute session…..keep focused and enjoy your son..you dont need to spend 2 hours in the gym to get fit..i promise!

  • Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 8:06 am

    We look the same! I think I am a bit heavier than you, and my belly skin looks a little looser, but your belly looks like mine! I am 13 months pp (2nd baby, first is 3 years old) and having a bit of difficulty bouncing back this time around. I’ve accepted my stretchmarks and loose skin, but I know that I need to lose about 40 lbs to be healthy (at 180 now). I have just started doing 10 minute workouts (Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer), aiming for at least 2 a day – 3 if I can manage. I also have a Power Yoga dvd that I have not started yet b/c I know it will really kick my butt, LOL. I am still working on changing my diet, haven’t been so great at that yet. It’s just a matter of being ready to commit the time and energy. Remember too (I know from my fit-days, LOL)- you will have more energy once you are eating better and exercising. So if you can just force yourself do stick with it for a week or two you will feel so much better! It’s not easy, I know. I have two young kids home all day plus my work-at-home job and all the housework (my husband is gone at work alot) so YOU ARE NOT ALONE! If we all band together for support and don’t give up we can have our hot bodies back again soon! Good luck!

  • Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    You look great, us mothers are often too hard on our bodies, but look what we just went through! I had stretch marks too and tried all these gels and maderma, nothing worked, then my mom got me Avon stretch mark cream, and within 4 months of using it my stretch marks are no longer visible at all! worked for me, and is 20$ so not very expensive, might want to give it a try! but you look great girl!

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