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i’m now almost 6 months pp and i feel i have to update my last entry. since whining all about my unhappiness over my new mom-bod i have continued to work hard (even through the holidays!) and am happy to report my progress. i just ran my first 5k, am back into all my clothes, i’m still nursing full time, doing my pilates faithfully (i’m almost addicted, it is soo calming!), and am feeling pretty great about who i am. i still miss my smooth skin and work diligently on fading these stinking stretch marks but whatever. the lights can always be turned off right ;) also, the guys on “the biggest loser” (LOVE that show) usually have a few stretchies and i know they didn’t get those from growing a baby. spread the word, ANYONE can get them! :) sorry no new pics. my camera is being craaazy!

age: 22
first pregnancy
postpartum: 32 weeks

Updated here and here.

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  • Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 11:12 am

    i recently bought a “buffy” scrub/massage bar from LUSH. its supposed to help with circulation. she sold me on it when she told me it helped fade her stretchies and is helping with cellulite! if you have a lush store near by go in for a demo…youll love it.
    and kudos on all the work :) im sure you look great

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