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  • Friday, January 10, 2014 at 3:36 am

    Hey there, i read a lot of your writing and this whole post and you are inspiring, love, you have so much to live for and love and experience. You got yah whole life ahead of you, an so do I. we are young, we are people that get to breathe air as seasons change, and see so many flowers blossom and die and experience it all. i think the whole point of life is to love, love all this we see and dont see, find someone to share stuff with n cozy moments and stares into one;s eyes getting lost and dizzy from nothing else but gettiing high off pheramones or other biological mental spiritual or magical means :)
    I really really like you and hope you see this and your body is sooo beautiful . Dee you are unbelievably gorgeous in an out (and your ass is incredibly amazing and perfect and perky…sooo fine) and if i had the chance to get in contact with you i would love to talk and hear how you are feeling now. Life is crazy as heck, at least for me. but we all out here to find eachother or find ourselves and ideally both!
    Jordan Howell

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