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  • Friday, June 25, 2010 at 6:42 pm

    This is pretty exactly how my belly looks except it’s still a bit lumpy in the mid-section and I’m “white” (european-american/mutt) It looks the same pretty much all of the way down to the belly button. I often wondered if I would have looked better if my skin was darker and I must say I believe your skin color does sort of help but then again these are only photo’s and I shouldn’t compare us. My confidence is so low I believe anyone looks better than me at this point.. which is why my boyfriend gave me a link to this website. I realize I shouldn’t be using the words/descriptions that I do. I really need to find something within myself, some strength or confidence, call it what you will. I want my daughter to see a mother who loves her body, I don’t want her growing up hearing me complain about it.. I can’t imagine how that would affect her. She’s going to have it hard enough living in this superficial society. :) Thank you for posting, you’re very brave and I truly admire you. By the way ladies, my boyfriend believes that all of you are beautiful! And he’s quite handsome, funny and smart! So yes, that is indeed a compliment! Take care!

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