Feminist Friday 3.6


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Around the Web:
~41 Awesome Euphemisms for Vagina. Because it’s important to know the correct anatomy, but it’s nice to be comfortable enough with your ladyjunk that you have a less formal relationship with them. (Speaking of anatomy – if you want a good guide to all your various bits – collectively known as a vulva, not a vagina – this is a great diagram.)
~This is cool. Kinda. I mean, on the one hand I think it’s awesome that people are realizing that gray hair is just as lovely as any other kind of hair – it helps end the stigma of growing older. But in reality I’m sure this is a passing trend so this article is also a very good reminder that different styles (and ages!) of the female body go in and out of fashion and that’s just stupid. A body is a body. All are lovely, none can go out of style in my opinion.
~8 Hijab-Wearing Women Cooler than Abercrombie and Fitch. I love this so hard.
~Kelly Clarkson is gorgeous. End of story.

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