One thought on “111119-anon-3

  • Tuesday, January 1, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    Your story made me feel sad, especially when I saw your picture. It shouldn’t matter how you look but you have such a old fashioned romantic beauty about you that doesn’t match with the way you described how you’ve let these lovers treat you.
    I hope your counselling is helping you to heal from your childhood and recreate yourself. Don’t forget that you could decide any day to become someone completely different. And I don’t mean change yourself, just the way you value who you already are. You look absolutely beautiful, curvy, long luscious hair etc etc. but what about other things in your life? Do you have other things that make you feel accomplished and interesting. If not maybe you could focus on that for a bit. It really helped me to take my focus off my naked appearance for a little bit after having my kids, remind myself of all the reasons I’m amazing that have nothing to do with how my body looks. I also came from a really isolated and shitty background, had kids young aand I had heaps of things I wanted to be good at that I’d never had an opportunity to actually do. Learning new things has helped a lot! I also highly reccomend checking out your Kibbe body type. It really helped me to embrace mine and learn to dress in a way that flattered my natural shape.

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