Send me your photos!

I am working on a new project in relation to this site and would like your help. I am planning to create posters and cards for midwives, OB’s, LC’s, doulas, etc, to post and keep in their offices as literature (if you can call it literature when it is primarily photos, in fact I am sure you cannot call it literature, but am too tired to try to figure out what you CAN call it). I also hope to create some merchandise like bumper stickers, etc, that you can choose to buy (I once upon a time had a Cafe Press store, but I am going to start completely from scratch with classy new designs).

I need help with this! I need you to send me your photos along with your permission to use them.* The photos will need to be high resolution and clear images. I would like all body parts (breasts, bellies, bums, legs and more), all body shapes and sizes, and all body colors!

If you can participate, please e-mail me at with “PHOTOS FOR POSTERS” as your subject line. Please attach the photos and give me permission to use them by copying and pasting the text below and inserting your own name. Photos will remain anonymous. If I use your photo, I will compensate you in some small way TBA.

Permission (please include):
I, ~insert your full name~, give Bonnie Crowder permission to use these photos as she sees fit for public service literature and/or promotional items for sale.

Thanks, everyone! Please pass the message on to anyone you think might be interested!

*I will give credit to photos where I can – if nothing else, I will promise you a page here at this website dedicated to thanking you publicly or anonymously with links to your original photos if you like.

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