Second Time Preggo (Anonymous)

So when i was sixteen i got pregnant and when i was 17 on February first 2008 i gave birth to my beautiful little girl Alana Grace Watson,whats really weird is one of my closest friends Ashley took the same journey at the same time and she had her Beautiful little girl Bailey Nicole Robles on January 30 2008 and another one of our friends had hers on the 31st of january so it we all went right after the other….but neways ashley and i went to the same school and it just helps to have someone take this long journey with you….after we were both more than a little dissapointed with our bodies but it was comforting to have eachother and i think this site is a great thing cuz its comforting…but we would always encourage eachother it helps alot but i was so unhappy with my body i thought i looked ok but i didnt feel sexy anymore and as most people know its hard enough to feel sexy when your gaining weight and ur feet are swollen and you suddenly have to chins and you dont feel beautiful anymore.I was about 125 when i got pregnant with my daughter alana whom is now 9 months old and i was 148 after giving birth to her before giving birth i was 168 so i lost 20 lbs from giving birth and i was just going crazy thinking how am i gna loose the rest of it….i tried to workout but it was too soon and i just started bleeding so i waited a lil longer and i started working out again and eventually i got down to 130 but when ur looking at ur stomache and its jiggly and you have stretch marks you dont congratulate yourself on getting your weight back down you just dwell in this completely different body that weighs the same as your pre pregnant body…. its just hard to get that confidence back i think i look good but i dont feel sexy i dont want my husband to see me naked nemore and now that im pregnant again i feel like i lost my weight didnt get skinny and now im gna get huge again and not lose my weight but i am currently 135 lbs and im 5 months pregnant and im so scared im gna get even more horrible scars….i have them on my lower belly thighs butt its just hard to be beautiful when your coverd in marks and saggy skin althought mine isnt to saggy right now bcuz im pregnant but it will get that way again…..i love my daughter with all my heart she gives me a reason to smile and im learning to say i look good and im gna look good after this baby i will love myself for bringing my baby girl into the world and thats enough for me even if others think that my body should never be seen….i dont have pictures of my bare bell but i do have pics of how big i got and how big im getting now….

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  • Sunday, December 7, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    You are gorgeous. You are young, and can lose the weight. Remember: youre a woman now. You have a beautiful, soft mother’s body. You are blessed to have borne children. Just think of how many women would gladly give ANYTHING to have children, and are haunted day in and day put that they wont! Those women would trade their tight firm skin for children any day. You are blessed!

  • Sunday, December 7, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    see you did it right!yahhh!l0l girl y0u l00ked s0000 g00d after y0u had alana idk what y0ur talkin ab0ut!i wish i had your b0dy!my st0mach skin jus hangs there and yours d0nt!yours stomach is flat and y0u c0uld even fit in zeros and i couldnt(and still cant l0l)but you l00ked g00d&i kn0w you will l00k g00d after you have your lil b0y!d0nt w0rry girl!and your stretch marks will fade you will l00k like your old self in n0 time believe me liv!but again i wish i had your stomach even right now when your pregnant cuz its all tight and mine is flabby!but i hope one day mine will get like yours&&i hope we get to actually work out together like we were post to!l0l you jus need to move back down here!i feel more comfortable workin out wit you cuz we were goin through the same things and knew how eachother felt!i miss you and you l00k good liv and you will after this baby too!me and bailey l0ve you!

  • Sunday, December 7, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    I am also a teen mom and have been through a lot of the same fears as you. Its very difficult when all we see around us is sexy women on the covers of magazines and hollywood stars that have look as though they have no defects, but we are all people and we are all different and pregnancy effects us all the same. So try not to worry so much like I have so often bout the physical scars that we mothers have but more of the bundles of joy that we have been gifted. :D Stay strong! – Jess

  • Monday, December 8, 2008 at 2:56 pm

    WOW…well first and foremost you are gorgeous!! ur so lucky to be going through this with someone else…im 20 and all my friend had babies at the same time i did but they were back in their bikinis within a month…it made me feel horrible that why me? i too…lost all my weight but doesnt feel any better cz of the stretch marks and loose skin…i cant stand the sight of me…my boyfrined always compliment on me but its hard….and i am now 12 months pp and the sagginess has gone down a lot and im not even exercising! plus…the stretch marks do fade and its to the point this is what it is..its who i am and i just began excepting it…it will get better trust me….but you’re beautiful and u made a miracle!! im on here too under 19 and insecure (tamara) hope to hear back from u girly!

  • Monday, December 8, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    damn girl you loooook good!you look like a sexxyyyy mama!you will look good after you have your 2nd baby liv dont worry if you did it after alana you will have no problem doing it after this one..your body was made for havin babys your body can jus snap back(unlike mine)but anywho you loook good and i jus wanted to tell you that again l0l! i l0000ve y0u sweetie!

  • Wednesday, December 10, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    awwww you’re so adorable!

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