Net Neutrality

This is really important, you guys. Net Neutrality (meaning, if you don’t know, the freedom of the internet to be available to all people at no extra cost) is back in the news this week. And no one really seems to be talking about that. Which is extremely upsetting. We’ve been fighting to keep the internet neutral for years and years – maybe since it really became a big enough deal that the big companies wanted to regulate it. But now they technically can. Your internet service provider can block certain websites or charge more for others. They can charge the people who run websites extra to make their websites run as fast as they could, as they currently do. This means, among other things, that small websites like this one could die. I don’t want to see SOAM die. I’ve seen it do too much good in the world.

Right now, you can go sign a petition at The White House’s website. Here it is. Tell the government that information shouldn’t cost anything. Tell them to end this and keep net neutrality safe. And then pass this on to everyone you know, okay?

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