Mothering the Mother

Karly over at First Ourselves has a great new series going on Mondays called Mothering the Mother. Last week she wrote:

Would we ever say the things that we say to ourselves to a friend, or loved one: You’re a terrible mother. You’re a fat cow. You’re a piece of crap. You can’t do anything right.

Let’s try this instead: let’s view ourselves through the eyes of love. You’re a wonderful mother. You have a beautiful, curvy body. You’re beloved, divinely created. You do so much right.

That really hits home with me. I have spent the last year or so learning to treat myself with respect and it has made an amazing difference in who I am today versus who I was only a year ago. It’s amazing how much the language I use with myself effects my self esteem. Years ago, when my daughter was old enough to begin to really hear me and imitate me, I was no longer able to accuse myself of being fat or ugly lest she hear me. And you know? I feel prettier these days than ever before.

If Karly’s words spoke to you as well, check out her ongoing series here each Monday.

One thought on “Mothering the Mother

  • Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    I really needed to see this. In the three and a half weeks since having my daughter, I’ve felt worthless, compounded by a bout of mastitis (no good deed goes unpunished — ‘breast is best’ and I even failed at that, it seems). Although I find myself still putting myself down, maybe one day I’ll be able to tell myself that although I may not have done everything right, at least I tried the best I could.

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