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  • Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 11:25 am

    Kara, you’re a very attractive woman (to this bi-girl’s taste). However, if you don’t feel right about yourself, commit to 10 min of exercise per day (check out simple Tabats routines on Pinterest). Eventually you’ll work up to 20 min & be amazed at the results. Tabata works. So does eating more protein & greens, less carbs. Set 1.5 mth, 3 mth, 4.5 mth, & 6 mth realistic workout & weight goals. Working for & achieving them will make you feel happier with life in general & boost your confidence.
    You do have what it takes to be happy. Eff the past, & everyone who screwed you over. Don’t dwell on it any more, imagine it’s an old piece of fruit you’ve eaten & now tossed in the garbage.
    You’ve got a lot of good future, be present for it. And don’t forget your husband, give him some love, too. When you start getting better his life will also get better. Ask him to support you with your goals.

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