I stand with Planned Parenthood

(image via Huffington Post)
(image via Huffington Post)

I have used Planned Parenthood for yearly exams, for health issues, and for antibiotics when I’ve had a UTI. When I didn’t have insurance, this was my only choice and I am SO GLAD that not only was I able to go there for my health care, but also that I have never experienced harassment while visiting one of these clinics (let alone violence like we saw today).

I know a lot of my readers at SOAM are not in favor of abortions, but I am here to say very clearly that I support ALL mamas, no matter what your history. If you’ve used PP for birth control or an abortion or nothing at all I support you. If you’ve chosen not to have children, or if you are a trans man who has had children I support you.

This kind of violence is disgusting and makes me want to cry.

One thought on “I stand with Planned Parenthood

  • Saturday, November 28, 2015 at 7:21 am

    I was upset this morning, because the title of the news on yahoo was shooting at “abortion clinic”. How many times do people have to be explained that it’s only part of what they do?! If all women, regardless of income had access to PP, there won’t be as many unintended pregnancy (whooping 50%) in this country. It’s exacerbating!!

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