SMA: We Can Do This! (Submitted Anonymously)

I came across this postcard on post secret

As a Mother, it made me cry. I would not ever pretend to understand the pain that must come with being told your child will not make it past 2. I cannot pretend to understand the strength it must take to get through the day.. But I do understand what it is to love your child and to want to watch your child grow up strong and healthy, to have a full life. I saw this post last Sunday and it made me think that maybe, just maybe, by taking 2 minutes of the day to sign this petition I could help. Every child counts, every child deserves a chance. Please take a moment of your time and sign this petition, take a moment to search Spinal muscular atrophy, find out about these children. The marks they leave on the world in such a small amount of time..

SMA Petition

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