Getting Happier With Time (Apryl)

Age : 33
5 pregnancies, 3 births, children’s ages : 14, 10, 3

This is my 3rd submission to SOAM. First post here. Second here.

I’ve been working more on not only improving my body and physical health, but trying to improve my mental well being as well. For the most part, it has gone well. My ex-husband and I finally had our divorce finalized last December, which helped immensely. I have been dating a great guy for over a year. I’m not sure he’s “the one” yet, but I do think he’s a wonderful man.

I lost quite a bit more weight, getting down to a size 12 (versus the size 30 I was when I got pregnant with my youngest). Unfortunately, I hit a bit of depression again and gained some of the weight back. I had lost a total of 120 pounds. I’ve gained back about 15. But I am working on that again also.

The weirdest thing about a lot of weight loss is the incredible amount of excess skin you have after. Yes, it tightens up in time, but that takes a while. I am wearing about a size 16 jeans right now, but would probably be in no bigger than a 12 if the skin was gone. But it seems like my breasts have actually firmed up a bit.

This first picture is the best side view I could get with my phone, the second is my breasts, 3rd is me holding up some of the excess skin on my stomach, and the 4th is a side view of my abdomen. I wish the light and quality of the picture was better, but my camera on my phone is not the greatest quality.

One thought on “Getting Happier With Time (Apryl)

  • Friday, October 11, 2013 at 12:45 pm

    You look great! I can tell you’ve been changing things to lose weight and you’ve succeeded. I’m glad your divorce has gone through well, that has to be a lot of weight off from your shoulders! Thank you so much for coming back and updating your story!

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