Finding a Body that I Love (Quila)

I was very excited when I ran into this website while surfing the web at work! I’m having a very bad experience with my post baby body. I’m 21 years of age, a full-time student, and I work a full-time job(life). I was never a “skinny girl”, but I have also never been at the point where I am now. To be honest my biggest issue is my stomach. I describe it to others as having extra skin from pregnancy. Having a stomach like this has ruined my life. Normally I am a very self confident girl, but now I can honestly say that in my opinion things have truly changed for the worst. My stomach hangs down, almost touching my vagina. Is this normal, or is there something wrong with me? Should I see a doctor about this? If so what type of doctor? I’m 18 months pp, just so that we are on the same page. I have never really been the “active” type. The last time that I have ever exercised was in the 9th grade (7years ago). I understand that now is the time to gradually start. My goal weight is 140 pounds. My pre-pregnancy weight was about 190 pounds, post pregnancy I was 253. My current weight is somewhere in the 230’s. My question is… What do I need to do in order to get rid of this saggy stomach. I don’t want a “six pack”, which I don’t mind having, but I also don’t want this extra stomach! It is humiliating. My extra large shorts don’t fit, my pants fold down under the stomach. Things have gotten to a point where I not only look pregnant, but I also look sloppy! This is a very sensitive, and depressing topic for me, as I like a lot of other moms am not used to the sudden body change. HELP!! I love my daughter to death, and I would not trade her for the best body, or for all of the money in the world. I just hope that it is not to late for me. I cannot afford tummy tucks, and Liposuctions. I’m not going to focus this post on how sorry I feel for myself, and how miserable I am, because I’m not completely sure that I really feel that way at all. I guess that I just needed a place to come for help. I hate the love handles, the fat face, and the bloated feeling I get after eating. I went from clothing size 11-12 to a 16/18-20. What is my body going through? I feel upset with myself, because it’s kind of like I had no progress at all with this, and after 18 months I still find myself “unhappy” with who I am! Of course my husband calls me beautiful, but it doesn’t help if I really do not feel the same way about myself. I want change for me, I want to be able to run, and wear bikini’s again! Life is hard enough being the sole provider of the family, but it really sucks when you’re unhappy with yourself! I did not have a C- section, I had a vaginal birth. I’ve never had the saggy, or bloated stomach before. Most of my weight was in my hips, and thighs (Toned). What should I do guys?

~Age: 21
~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy/ 1 vaginal birth
~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 18 month old Daughter

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  • Friday, October 29, 2010 at 8:18 am

    Relax… that is what you should do. Eat healthy and find some fun activities for you and your baby :) You are beautiful, pregnancy can alter metabolism and hormones. Maybe having some blood work done and talking with a doctor can help you get back on track, I lost a lot of hair and weight after my first baby and I thought it was just the extra stress and it ended up being my thyroid. Just take steps to a healthier lifestyle and do not stress about your body, it is going to change! I also enjoy yoga, which has curbed my food cravings and slimmed my tummy! YOUR BEAUTIFUL!

  • Friday, October 29, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Walking will help reduce stress/ anxiety and help you increase your fitness level. There are also lots of bodyweight exercises you can perform at home (I usually do them while watching T.V. on commercial breaks) lunges, squats, planks, push-ups etc. In order to lose weight you most likely have to change your diet, but adding exercise will help you feel stronger and more confident in yourself!

  • Friday, October 29, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    Girl I know how you feel, but your problems are fixable. If you start drinking more water, eating healthy and start exercising, you can tone all of that and continue being the thick, sexy women that you are and feel good again. Remember, your situation is not permanent unless you give up and make it your future reality.

  • Friday, October 29, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    Yes, it is normal. But becoming more active is important. I know it can be hard to start, but it is worth it. Since my son was born almost 11 months ago, I walk more and eat more organic. Just from that, I went from weighing 290 when I got pregnant with my youngest (299 the day I gave birth), to currently weighing 238. I have a long way to go before I will be completely happy, but this shows it can be done.

  • Friday, October 29, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    I was going to say pretty much what Mary said…have you had your thyroid checked? It’s highly possible that a hormonal imbalance is part of the problem, and hypothyroidism is not all that uncommon after pregnancy.

    If you lose weight at a slow and steady pace a lot of that overhang should go away. You might be left with some extra skin, but it won’t look as “bloated” as you do now.

    The easiest way to get started exercising would be to take walks with your daughter around your neighborhood (or a nearby mall). If you put her in a stroller it provides great resistance and you get more of a workout. You can gradually up the distance and the speed at which you walk, and if you have time maybe graduate to more strenuous exercise (although, to be fair, my mom lost a fair amount of weight with no exercise other than walking, a lot).

    Good luck, I know you can do it! (Now if only I could take my own advice…)

  • Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 2:48 am

    Hey guys… Thanks for the feedback. I recently had the blood work done for the thyroid, and a couple other things I should find out the results this week. I’m going to go for a walk today, and possibly to the gym this week. I’m so ready to do this. I’ll keep you all updated. Thanks for the support!

  • Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    good for you :)

  • Friday, November 5, 2010 at 7:56 am

    All the best with your health checks and weight loss Quila!Please do keep us posted!WE want to celebrate each milestone with you, and commiserate IF there are any setbacks!Here I am talking like this and I haven’t even posted my pics yet.Wanted to post a before and after, hie hie.I promise that by the start of December,my story will also be up.

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