Feminist Fridays 4.9.20

Today, I’m going to basically just plagiarize an email that my former Women’s Studies professor sent this week in the college newsletter. The links explore how this disease is affecting different communities, and how society is responding to that. Do you have anything to add?

~This New York Times article about how Coronavirus has shed light on inequalities among students in college.
~”You can’t pick strawberries over Zoom.” This LA Times article examines the inequities facing those who are still picking our food for us. Overwhelmingly Latinx, many undocumented and therefore lacking access to medical care, these people cannot stop working or we will all starve. These people are not being cared for and they are literally our access to survival. Be aware. Vote for changes.

~This one is SO IMPORTANT. People with disabilities are one of the most invisible marginalized groups. This article lays out why some of these decisions being made in regards to the effects Coronavirus is having on our society are harmful to people with disabilities. PLEASE read this one and pass it on.

~This article at Common Dreams is long and complex but very good, so grab your cup of coffee. It lays out how and why women do more work in society and how this pandemic will put even more pressure on women than men during this time.
~And this article from The Atlantic talks about the racial disparity during this crisis. This is an issue that’s getting some attention, if you pay attention. Trevor Noah did a bit on the Daily Show and I’ve seen tweets from Black Americans pointing out that it is less safe (and at times frankly disallowed!) for Black people to wear masks – they are more likely to be seen as a threat and to be a target for mistaken violence by police.

My former professor also shared this article about radical healing from Psychology Today. It’s an excellent read and I hope you choose to, but if you can’t for lack of time or ability to deal with the sheer overwhelm, here’s a summary:

1. Educate yourself and share information about the impact of COVID-19.
2. Nurture your spirituality and practice self-compassion.
3. Stay connected and increase emotional intimacy.
4. Cultivate cultural understanding and curiosity.
5. Take action to address racism and inequities related to COVID-19 and to promote health for all.

I will be back next week to talk about how not to miss out on life during this pandemic. Stay safe, my readers.

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