Feeling Happy With My Post-Baby Bod (Hannah)

22 years old, one pregnancy and one birth via emergency c section.
6 week old baby boy :)

This is just a short story of my birth as the pictures I want women to see then to show how a real 22 year old average body is and no one is perfect so just enjoy your baby and be happy!

I went into hospital because I was 10 days over and my body just wouldn’t go into labour, I had over ten membrane sweeps and three gels put in.. I only dilated half a centimetre by that point.. On the 14 day overdue I was took down to the labour ward and put on the drip I was in labour for 15 hours the highest dosage until I finally had my last check and I had only dilated 2cm I literally felt like he’d never ever come out I just knew I would need a c section so I agreed to get the epidural and a few hours later was wheeled down to the theatre for my emergency c section.. 11.30am on 13.12.2012 my little boy was born!

The day after his birth I was able to get up and have a shower.. My first glance at my body after having a baby took out scared me but I took a peek.. Omg I still looked 9 months pregnant!

I’m glad my belly has sort of gone back to normal I’m still in the same sized clothes I’ve always been in but I just have a over hang which I hate I can’t wait to exercise as my weight loss is just breastfeeding and I’ve stuffed myself on choccy because its Christmas time!

I just want women to know, love your body your stretch marks.. Every girl has them even without a baby!

The first picture is me 16 weeks pregnant as I didn’t have one of my belly not pregnant! The second is me 41 weeks pregnant, the third is 2 weeks after my c section, the fourth is me 4 weeks after and the fifth is me today 6 weeks post c section! xx

3 thoughts on “Feeling Happy With My Post-Baby Bod (Hannah)

  • Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 8:06 am

    I love your post. It’s so refreshing, lol. I think you look great!
    As people will tell you, it’s only been 6 weeks, just wait till 6
    Months and a year how you’ll look. I love that you are the epitome of the average everyday mommy, just how we all look. And you look good. Congrats on your body!

  • Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 9:23 am

    You look absolutely amazing. Congratulations on your baby boy, your amazing body, and your amazing outlook :)

  • Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    Great attitude! Your body looks great for 6 weeks pp, you will bounce back in no time!

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