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  • Rosie Friday, September 13, 2013, 1:00 am

    Sweetheart thanks for sharing. Ok so your boobs may not be exactly the same shape but who’s are? Mine aren’t. Like you, I wasn’t able to breast feed either. In fact I would quite like to have your boobs as they still look firm even though you’ve had a child. Hold your head high and show off those boobs! And check out your tummy – no stretch marks, slim! I personnally think ….You have a figure lots of women would love to have. If after more children you decide to have surgery, good for you and do what makes you happy … But I just thought if write to let you know that you’re like thousands of other healthy, gorgeous women with boobs not the same shape. including me! And mine are much more different in size and shape). i hope my comments do something to help reassure you and remind you that you’re perfect! xx

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