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My name is Kelley and I have a 7 month old son. He is my only child. I was around 135 lbs when I got pregnant at the age of 21. I was a bellydancer with an amazing stomach. During my pregnancy I ate all the wrong things and I am paying for it now. I gained around 60 lbs during my pregnancy. I am down to 166 right now but I hate working out and I don’t know what to do. I have so much extra skin and fat and flab all around my waste. My breasts used to be uneven but now they are completely horrible. I used to feel beautiful and confident and now I seriously HATE my own body. I feel like I will never be able to feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit ever again. I am so young and it really sucks to feel this way about myself. I am attaching a before and an after picture.

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  • Monday, February 15, 2010 at 8:05 am

    You shouldn’t be so down on yourself, I DON’T SEE ANY STRETCHMARKS! I would rather deal with a little extra weight then have all the stretch marks that I have on my belly.

  • Monday, February 15, 2010 at 8:57 am

    Its all muscle memory and diet. I put on 65 lbs with my first and lost it all by light exercise and weight watchers. You can do it too! Congrats on your baby and good luck!

  • Monday, February 15, 2010 at 9:14 am

    It took 9 months to put on the weight, at least give yourself the same amount of time to see the change. We are very harsh on our bodies, myself including. I have a post here, its under “2 1/2 years postpartum and still can’t come to terms”. Like 90% of women I also hate working out but have been considering taking a belly dancing why don’t YOU start there. You like belly dancing, you are good at it then start there. If you are ashamed to show off your stomach,then start at home since you already know the proper technique. Work your way up, you have an advantage since you know you love belly dancing then do that and see where it leads. Best of luck to you, and you are only 7 months pp..give it some time.

  • Monday, February 15, 2010 at 9:35 am

    I know just how you feel about being so young and feeling like your body has been “destroyed”. I had my first when I was 20 and my second when I was 23. I had cesareans with both of them so I even have the “mothers apron” a little. Let me tell you…you will look amazing! You have no loose skin and no stretch marks. Some people lose the weight faster than others. Give yourself a couple of years. You have already lost 35 pounds in only 7 months…that is more than a pound a week! Yes, our bodies change after our children, but isn’t is so worth it? So what if other people don’t think we look “perfect”, did they create life? It is amazing what we as women can do! With time it will get better. I get down about my body all the time…I know how hard it is. I just try to think that my babies gave me this body! Keep your head up! Oh, and every ones belly looks worse sitting down, no matter how skinny you are! I am sure your belly is not that bad at all! You have great smooth skin :)

  • Monday, February 15, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    I have heard of belly dance classes for women which are very empowering in terms of seeing whatb
    different bodies look like- perhaps you could find a class like that. :)

  • Monday, February 15, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    Ok, I think that either you have to come to terms with your new body and if at least not love it, then accept it! sure its hard, but the alternative doesn’t feel good or make you have youre old tummy back.. That said, I gained sixty pounds and my tummy looked the same after I had my baby. I decided I was going to get myself to a point that I felt good about, I have worked my buns off. Lots of core work and weight lifting later, I can almost see a four pack. So it is not impossible it is just sooooo hard after a baby. But did you know that belly dancing began as a way for women to tone the muscles that were weakened after childbirth?

  • Monday, February 15, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    Are you still nursing? I used to have incredibly uneven breasts (more than yours!), and I was so self-conscious about it that my doctor put me on birth control. The hormonal regulation helped a lot to even them out. If you’re that concerned about it it’s something to consider (after you’re finished nursing, if you aren’t already).

  • Monday, February 15, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    I honestly do not think you look bad at all, I too gained a lot of weight while pregnant with my son, ate all the wrong things and did not do any type of exercise, I regretfully gained 70 pounds with him and it did a number on my body…I think you are so lucky b/c I do not see one stretch mark on you! even if you do have some they are definetly not noticeable. Please do not be so hard on yourself I really think you can get right back to where you were if you eat healthy, watch your portions and fit in some exercise at least 3-4 times a week, walking really helped me get started then I moved upto pilates and weights. I lost all but 20 pounds in a very short amount of time with a lot of dedication but then I am now pregnant again! Again, dont be so down on yourself and give it your best effort, you are ONLY 7 months pp. take care.

  • Monday, February 15, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    Posting this for Kerry, who is having technical difficulties…

    I know how you feel :) I was also 135 before pregnancy, and 196 at delivery. It does get better, you just have to give yourself time. :) 7 months isn’t that long if you think about it. Are you breastfeeding? That helps a lot. I know how discouraging it can be to attempt exercising when you feel like you have a million miles to go, but it makes you feel better! I’m now 10 months pp and 145. I had the same exact (and still do) struggle with my weight/body. Just try some simple ball exercises on the vidoe section of for 15 minutes a day for a week… I guarantee it will make you feel better, both inside and out!!!

    Your belly is so smooth and I don’t see any stretchmarks either! I’m covered head to toe! Remember too that you’re body was beautiful before, but that was a body of a girl, this is the body of a woman, one who has nourished and birthed a baby :) Your body should be envied!

  • Tuesday, February 16, 2010 at 9:21 am

    I hate working out too. I’ve read that a 15-30 minute brisk walk per day does all kinds of wonders and it has worked for me. Even when I can’t get out (my daughter is 2 months and it’s 20 degrees outside), I do laps or pace in my own house. I look like a lunatic but whatever. I’m losing about a pound or two per week, which is cool with me. Worth a try for those of us who hate workouts. Congrats on your baby, and good luck.

  • Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 12:34 am

    No stretch marks = no problems!! you may have some weight to lose but thats nothing! at least you dont have any stretchies, that really makes you feel 100x worse about your body!! I wish i had no stretchmarks! You look great and in no time with just a little exercise you will be back to your gorgeous self!!

  • Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    Becoming a mother is such a change of state! Mental state, state of your body, state of your priorities, state of your relationships…

    Hang in there and try to go with the flow a bit…it took your amazing body 9 full months to grow that baby. After all that waiting, it’s always felt like they get here in just a heartbeat for me. Maybe that’s why I’m so hard on myself…if they can get here in a heartbeat, why can’t I be back to “normal” in a heartbeat? hahaha… :)

    But everything changes on such a monumental level once you become a mother…try to give yourself the time you need to settle into your new skin, you new state. Hang in there mama and know that you are supported…

  • Monday, March 15, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    I started taking bellydancing lessons after having had three kids and I was always terrified my shirt would lift and someone would see my wrinkly stomach! I kept/keep it well-hidden! Of course, there’s the fact that plenty of costumes don’t require showing the skin of your stomach! One thing I did love about the dance is that it celebrates women and seems to me to be more populated by larger women than ones who were as thin as you. All ages and sizes look great bellydancing and I hope you find the courage to stick with it. And for the record, I don’t think you look terrible and I wish I had breasts the size of yours.

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