And Then We Were Six

Six years ago today, while my then four year old took a nap, I hoisted the baby onto my hip, set the camera timer and took this picture:

I put it on a blog and begged my friends to participate by sending me their own photos and to share the link with other bloggers and moms they knew. I wasn’t sure anything would ever happen with it. But then it did. Massively. Even six years later I haven’t gotten over how amazing that first month was. I don’t think I ever will. It was incredible to see the world come together to say, “YES. Let’s show each other how normal we are! And how we can love that about ourselves!” Seeing all those women so thirsty for the knowledge that they were not alone completely changed me in ways that I had expected, but to a degree I could not have hoped for.

So thank you. All of you. Again and always. Thank you for being here, for making SOAM what it is.

Here are three of my favorite entries (for various reasons) from the past year.

Surfin’ Mama (Gia)
Bearing It (Christina Plant)
They say it takes nine months… (Anonymous)

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