Amazing Stretching Skin (Ann)

When I found out I was pregnant, post-baby changes were one of the more minor things on my mind. That said, I was very careful to eat extremely healthy during my entire pregnancy and ended up gaining about 30 pounds.

My daughter was a waterbirth with a midwife, born at 39 weeks. She weighed 6lbs. 4oz. I’m sure that her small size affected how quickly I bounced back after the pregnancy.
Another thing I credit my health with after her birth is the fact that I nursed her exclusively. This made me more careful about my diet since my nutrition directly affected her.

I finally weaned my daughter at 2 1/2 and would say that nursing so long had no negative affect on my breasts, and aside from aging a few years, they look basically the same that they did before she was born, with a few added stretch marks :-)

I started doing some yoga and taking long walks when she was 5-6 weeks old. After that, I did Jillian Michaels’ 30 day shred the summer after she was born.

The pregnancy pics were when I was 35 or 36 weeks, I can’t remember exactly. The postpartum pic is from July 2008 (9mos. postpartum), which was during the time I had started working out more intensively. You can see in the 1st. postpartum picture that I have my navel pierced twice. I removed the jewelry when I was about 6 mos. along and put them back in only a few weeks postpartum. The only stretchmark I got on my stomach is actually the piece of skin that contains the lower piercing. Other than that, I got stretchmarks on my thighs and hips that aren’t visible in the pictures. The second postpartum picture is from Mar. 2009, which was 17mo. postpartum.

I am quite happy with my body, and admire the strength that accompanies birth and motherhood. My daughter is now 4 and my husband and I are now considering a second baby, so it will be interesting to see how I recover and what changes might surprise me the 2nd time around.

Age at birth: 24
Age in 2nd picture: 25
1st pregnancy
Pictures: 36 weeks, 9mo. postpartum, 17mo. postpartum

Thank you for an amazing website!

3 thoughts on “Amazing Stretching Skin (Ann)

  • Friday, January 20, 2012 at 10:55 am

    You look absolutely beautiful! I love Jillian Michaels. A lot of home work out are hard to follow or simply impossible for most people, even very fit ones, to do correctly the whole way. Or they are so easy you might as well just do house chores. I really feel Jillian nails it at being effective and challenging. I also really like The Butt Bible. Lots of weighted squats, real work out for the whole body, And helps with posture a lot. Keep it up mama!

  • Friday, January 20, 2012 at 11:53 am

    You were incredibly blessed with elastic skin! you look terrific! I wish elastic skin would have blessed me :p

  • Friday, January 20, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    You look beautiful!

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