28 Weeks Pregnant (Anonymous)

I am currently 24 years old and am pregnant with my first baby. A baby boy :) My husband and I have been together going on 4 years and have been married for a year, in May of 2012. We had our actual wedding/celebration on March 24th, 2012. On April 20th, 2012, my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child :) We were and are still beyond excited!! I was 6 weeks pregnant when we found out. The journey has been an interesting one! I am 5 feet tall and weighed 130lbs before I found out I was pregnant. I ended up losing 7 pounds in the first few weeks of my pregnancy! My husband and I like to camp and hang out with our friends, as well as hunt and fish and of course drink beer ;) After I found out I was pregnant, I obviously stopped drinking and stopped eating out everyday. I began eating very healthy and drinking lots of water. In the beginning, it was a little difficult for me, as my husband and I are still very young, and love to have fun together with our friends and family. I have always been paranoid about getting “fat” during pregnancy. My belly slowly started to form and finally popped at about 20 weeks of pregnancy. I have escaped stretch marks on my tummy, but have gained some on my breasts. I have attempted to stay active throughout my pregnancy, by doing prenatal yoga at home and in a studio. I also take my dog for walks when it is not 100 degrees outside, and I also do little leg and arm workouts to keep up with the toning. Being 28 weeks pregnant and feeling my little man move around in me is well worth it. I currently only weigh 139 lbs. I am still trying to eat healthy and take care of myself. As of this week, I have become very tired again :( Watching my body grow has definitely been an experience for me. All of my friends are tiny and I tend to get a little jealous when they look so stinkin cute! However, I am happy with my belly and body so far. My legs have always been pretty big! Although, they were the first things to go, I’d say. I will keep you all posted on my journey after motherhood. My babe is due December 17th, 2012 :)!

First picture: 6 weeks 1 day
Second picture: 20 weeks pregnant
Third Picture: 28 weeks pregnant

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  • Friday, October 5, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    Congratulations! You and I are only about two weeks apart (I’m due November 28th). I really started to get tired again at about week 28 as well. It’s funny how it pregnancies can go just as predicted. My morning sickness ended at the end of first trimester and fatigue kicked in at the beginning of third. Anyway, your little bump is adorable! It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job caring for yourself and that baby in the womb. I hope you escape stretchmarks on your belly but if you don’t, we know it’ll all be worth it! Best of luck!

  • Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 1:50 am

    My advice to you is just exercise, eat healthy & moderately, & drinks TONS of water!

    I made the mistake of eating whatever I wanted during my pregnancy and not worrying about weight gain because I had never been big. I was always told I would bounce back, but after I had my son and 14 months later my body is not the same at all. I went from being fit to out of shape and I probably won’t ever have a flat toned tummy anymore unless I get a tummy tuck, but I am going to lose the rest of this baby weight and get back to 130 lbs and then I will try to get to 124 lbs by next spring. Just try to prepare yourself for the changes your body is going to go through because in my case I didn’t prepare myself for such a HUGE change and it has really affected me in all aspects of my life.

    Congrats on your pregnancy and I hope you bounce back!

  • Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    You look great! Staying active during pregnancy really helped me lose the weight after my baby was born and helped me fight off any early signs of depression. Good luck to you for a smooth rest of your pregnancy and delivery!.

  • Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    So beautiful…

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