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Own Your Beauty – Adventure

My post for this month is up today! I didn’t write about body image this month, aiming for something deeper. For me, adventure is about overcoming my anxieties and learning to LIVE. What’s your adventure?

Own Your Beauty: Creativity

Karen’s post went up yesterday talking about how important creativity is to owning your beauty. It’s an excellent post; I found myself nodding along the whole way through. Creativity isn’t something out of your reach – it’s something you already do every day, and something that truly enhances the soul the more you intentionally practice […]

The Story of You – OYB

My OYB post is up today. What do you think?

12 Steps of Letting Go of Perfectionism – Own Your Beauty

Brene Brown has shared her 12 steps to letting go of perfectionism with BlogHer’s Own Your Beauty. As usual, the woman is full of wisdom. Steps three and 12, particularly, spoke to me. Number three, because it’s something I’ve done myself over the years with incredible results, and number 12 because it is something that […]

Not the Perfect Coach – Own Your Beauty

“I left the first session feeling pretty confident that they liked me because I wasn’t the Perfect Coach … I was just Coach Caitlin.” This month, Caitlin talks about working with young girls through a program that teaches fitness as well as self esteem. An inspirational story – and a program I’m considering looking into […]

There Are No Flaws

Karen’s first post on this month’s theme of Imperfection went up this week. She spoke with author Katherine Center about beauty and her book, Everyone is Beautiful. I’ve only read the title (so far, that is – my copy has been shipped, but not yet arrived) and I already know I’ll like it. As an […]

The Authentic Woman’s Body – Own Your Beauty

My first OYB post is up this morning at BlogHer – go read it and share it with the women and mothers in your life!

Own Your Beauty

I’m so excited to be participating in this year-long initiative sponsored by BlogHer. Just launched yesterday, it features interviews and posts by Karen of Chookooloonks, Caitlin of Operation Beautiful and myself. Each month we’ll be discussing a different topic; this month’s is Authenticity. Go check it out, participate, and pass it on. I believe this […]

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