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Abortion/Life after Abortion

Age: 28 2 pregnancies, 1 birth my son is 16 month old When I met the father of my child I was 26 and we both knew instantly that THIS IS IT! We were what we're always looking for and one month after we became a couple I became pregnant. It was no accident, but [...]

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Isabelle, I love you! (Anonymous)

Number of pregnancies 4 (2) miscarriages (2)abortions Please don't judge me I have made mistakes just as any human being in the world ! I am 22 years old I was 17 when I had my first pregnancy I lived with my bf we were both in nursing school in Mexico and very happy for [...]

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Second Chance (Aly)

22 yrs old., 2 pregnancies, 1 birth., Five month old daughter, pp., My story may be everywhere, sorry., I sit here having a good day which consists of me not thinking much of how I look. Mostly, I do have good days where when I do think of myself I envision my pre-pregnancy body. Bad [...]

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22 yrs old. 2 pregnancies, 1 birth. Five month old daughter, pp. My story may be everywhere, sorry. I was pregnant before at 18, but never kept the baby. My personal choices led me to having an abortion. I am willing to share my reasons why, but if asked through email. I'm not ready to [...]

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She Was Worth it All (Amanda)

Age: 22 Number of pregnancies: 3 Number of births: 2 Age of children: 14 months I was 16 years old the first time I got pregnant, and I was petrified. I didn't know what to do, or who to turn to, and my boyfriend made it quite clear that abortion was the only logical choice. [...]

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My Angel (Shanna)

Age: 32 3 pregnancies, 2 Cesareans, 1 Abortion Children aged 10 & 8 I had my children in 2001 and 2003. Both of my children are boys and they are the best things that have ever happened to me. I was a single mom for the majority of their lives as their Fathers wanted nothing [...]

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2 pregnancies 1 birth Age 6 boy 4 years postpartum I am 24 years old I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. More excited then ever, I told the father right away but knew deep down my parents would not be happy so I hid it from them. [...]

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Aussie Mum of One! (Anonymous)

Age: 23 Pregnancies: 1 abortion Births: 1 beautiful boy Postpartum: 22 months Growing up, I was always a tiny build. People always assumed I had an eating disorder because I was so little but I guess I was just lucky, I could eat anything I wanted and my body couldn't seem to store it. When [...]

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Was it All Worth it? (Emily)

Age-20 Number of pregnancies-2, One birth, One abortion Post Partum 4 years My story starts at the age of 15. I met my first love at my sophomore Homecoming Dance. I was dancing with a guy friend of his when he came up and starting talking to us. I immediately thought he was cute. He [...]

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When most little girls were dreaming of marrying prince charming, or planning their weddings and the names of their future children, I had one goal in mind: I wanted to be physically supernatural, beautiful and virtually unbreakable. I didn't play school or dress-up or house. I pretended I was a cartoon character: Cheetara, from the [...]

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