Where can you find SOAM online?

A quick roundup of the social networks SOAM and it’s sister-site (the now defunct, yet still active on social networks) TIAW. Come join us!

The Shape of a Mother on Twitter.
The Shape of a Mother on Instagram.
The Shape of a Mother on Facebook.
This is a Woman on Facebook.
This is a Woman on Pinterest.
This is a Woman on Tumblr.
This is a Woman content on my personal blog, Zebrabelly.

SOAM is, obviously, a site aimed at mothers. Because the focus is body image, which is a feminist issue, the sites (and their various presences online) sometimes overlap in their content. So while you might see some images of postpartum moms on my TIAW Tumblr, you might also find links to feminist news stores and blog posts on SOAM’s Twitter.

I have *just* started an Instagram for SOAM and I’m not at all sure how that will go. But I figured I’d give it a shot! Tag your pics with #theshapeofamother and I might share them on Instagram, here at SOAM, or one of the web spaces listed above!

Hope to see you guys around the web!