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I never thought I would get pregnant. I was told it would be unlikely as I had very bad endometriosis and womb cancer. My husband and I were so happy and felt so blessed when we got pregnant in August last year. Unfortunately I miscarried at 11 weeks. We decided to try again and were [...]

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The Joy Of Twins (Anonymous)

Before, during (about 34 weeks) and after (about 26 months after) shots of my belly. Ironically, I paid over $30,000 just to GET pregnant! So, I suppose you could say I paid for this look…let’s hope it catches on and becomes a fad!

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I, Mother (Anonymous)

My son came to us after years of suspecting I may be unble to conceive. I had tried to conceive before, always to my disapointment when my period came, month after month. It was sad, but I came to accept my infertility. I figured if I wasn’t meant to bear children, then why tamper with [...]

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