Un-Hating Your Body

Reader Catherine sent me a link to this short article from UK’s Guardian. More of an advice column, really, it says, You can also look at your body more. A lot of us ignore our bodies. Connect with your body instead, especially when naked. It’s good stuff, this advice. And how true? How many of us put on clothes to try to forget what we look like underneath?

I’ve posted a few links recently about overweight women embracing their bodies, and I want to point out that the advice given applies to each and every one of us with body issues regardless of our BMI. Here are SOAM we are covering relatively new territory (I think!) and so we need to adopt the advice that is out there even if it is aimed only at one specific size of woman. I don’t want anyone here to feel alienated when I post these links or thoughts, because all of it has a message for all of us – just take the bits that you need and leave the rest. You can always come back for more if you need it.

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