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  • Crystal Monday, November 8, 2010, 10:12 pm

    I surprisingly did not get any marks during pregnancy though I used lotion twice a day, ran, and continued my vegetarian diet.
    The marks that bother me are the ones from puberty. My knees, back of my calves, hips and hundreds on my inner thighs (deep like a ruffle potato chip).
    My insurance covered a fraxel laser on mine so I tested it on my knees and hips 1st. I had about 5-6 sessions that hurt like heck and really did not do much so I did not bother with the other areas. I think this website is great yet every time I wear shorts I focus on the ones on my knees, I just don’t understand how something like skin is not able to handle the body growing, everyone grows!
    I understand you trying another laser but I had rhinoplasty 10 years ago and as soon as I had that, I started focusing on the next thing wrong with my body. It’s a cycle that never ends, ugh then you get old!!!

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