Some Poems

I have excluded one of the poems Kate originally included with her submission, due to copyright issues, but wanted to pass on the recommendation she gave. It sounds like a great book, thanks, Kate!

I’m reading this beautiful poetry anthology called “A Book of Luminous Things“, and came across a few poems that really touched me and I wanted to share here. They are from a section of the book called “Woman’s Skin” which the editor, Czeslaw Milosz introduces by saying this:

“Love poetry has always been abundant in any language, so there is no point adding a few drops to the sea. Besides, it is not poetry written mostly by men that interests me, but something else, woman in her flesh, particularly as described by herself.”

In The Morning

In the morning,
holding her mirror,
the young woman
her tender
lip with
her finger &
then with
the tip of
her tongue
licks it &
& admires her

– Author unknown, translated from the Sanskrit

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